Painted Buffet In Country Chic Paint's Cobblestone

Is there a place in your home where you keep trying out different 'temporary' pieces of furniture until you find the one that is just right for the spot?

I'm happy to say I finally found the additional buffet that I had been searching for. I gave it a makeover and now I think it is the perfect colour and style for our dining room.

My search criteria was that it had to be solid wood, dovetailed drawers, similar in style to our black painted buffet and hutch, cost under $100 ($75 score!), and be suitable for a paint makeover. I almost settled on the nine drawer dresser that was recently in its place that I was selling for my niece and her husband but the style wasn't quite 'me' and there were no doors. This solid oak piece almost didn't make it home because it was sooo heavy but I'm so happy that it did. 

I started by giving it a wipe down and sanding the top, then re-stained the top surface with Early American and three coats of non-yellowing water-based poly.

Then the fun part begins with choosing a colour for the base. I toyed with the idea of a layered and distressed look but decided that this piece would look good in a solid colour. I can always go back and distress it later if I want (the beauty of a clay paint/wax finish.)

I picked Cobblestone, a beautiful mid-deep grey by Country Chic Paint. The sun today is lightening the colour but at other times of the day it really is this beautiful rich grey. 

Happy mail from Country Chic Paint. The paint is eco-friendly and contains no harmful solvents. We have a chocolate Lab that sneezes and won't hang around when I use some other paint and refinishing products but not with this paint. She happily lay nearby while I tackled this right in the dining room. Did I tell you that it was heavy? There was no way I was moving this sucker again once I finally got my three guys to haul it in from the garage!

So easy to apply the paint and it has a really nice smooth consistency without drips. No priming, especially on this older oak piece. I used their oval paint brush and really enjoyed the application compared to my 'good' paint store brushes. This will be my go to brush for furniture from now on.

I did two coats of Cobblestone to fully cover it because it is a grainy oak. This is closer to the true colour. It has such a nice smooth matte chalky finish that I almost didn't want to add wax. But I did. I wanted a bit of depth and some protection.

The natural wax has beeswax and only the barely there smell of the beeswax and other natural oils. I used a white lint free rag to apply and lightly buff the wax but looking back I should have used my wax brush. Because those lint free rags didn't end up being as lint free as they were supposed to be.

The original hardware was an antique brass and with the cutouts in the drawers I decided to spray paint the existing hardware satin black. We have a lot of black hardware in our home so it works. 

This photo is a truer look at the Cobblestone colour with the natural wax.

I love the extra display and storage space. The drawers are felt lined and one drawer is already dedicated to tealights, votives and tapers.

This piece also really helps to balance out our small dining room. I will share a full tour with the new buffet soon.

I like the wood top but I always have the option of doing a dry brush technique or a solid grey on the top. Luckily the finish is not orangey like in these photos.

The surface will be great when entertaining and it gives me another horizontal spot to decorate!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day! There are a lot of furniture and decor painters out there but if you would like more info on this or any of my projects, don't hesitate to email me. I'm always happy to help.

I was compensated with product to try, but as always any opinions expressed are truely my own.


  1. That is really a beautiful piece, and a steal at $75! The colour is lovely, some photos it looks blue, but you did say the grey was more lifelike, and I always like a wood stained top on a painted piece!

  2. I love that shade of grey! It looks beautiful Elizabeth!

  3. What a gorgeous color! The piece looks great!

  4. It is beautiful! I love how you have the contrast of paint and stain.

  5. I love your new buffet! The color you chose looks so good in there. I like how you styled the top of it. I also like the centerpiece on the dining table too.

  6. Pretty classy makeover. Did you find it hard to get an accurate photo of the color? I just painted 2 sides of our back entry this color. It was an off tint from the discount bin. Nice to have a name for it! LOVE this shade of grey, or blue, or green depending on the light! Keep smiling and creating.


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