Guest Bedroom Makeover in Progress

Our guest room has been getting a makeover these past few weeks and I am excited about some of the changes and plans that I have for this room. I just want to say that these are iPhone photos as I had left my Nikon at a relative's home.

I chose Simply White for the walls (Benjamin Moore.) You can see from this post that I love white walls. I am keeping the pine cannonball bed frame that I bought with money I saved from my first Nursing job back when I was 19. My guys are attached to it and were not too happy when I said I might replace it. So it stays.

Lake House Lovin: Lake Muskoka:

This photo from muskokaliving.ca  is my inspiration for the room. Light, white and airy with a 
coastal or lake house feel. 

One of my niece's who lives close by volunteered to help with the painting. I did a lot of patching and then we sanded and primed the walls. The room was one of our son's rooms before we did a three way switch. He liked posters and got a bit carried away one day hanging up some hockey memorabilia.

Primer and first coat on and it looked better already. 

The linens so far are white sheets and a white matelasse coverlet. I need to work on pillow covers for this pair of 26" inserts. When we don't have guests, which is most of the time, I am enjoying using our guest room as a quiet spot to read. To keep warm and snuggly I decided I needed a throw for the bottom of the bed. 

I wanted a blanket that was nice and soft and that had a pattern that would gently blend into the soft colours of the room. I am really looking forward to getting this fleece blanket that I ordered from www.visionbedding.com  They have so many images and products that you can add images to.  I narrowed my choices down to a wood print and decided on this White Wood Wall double layer fleece blanket. I think it going to look awesome and I can hardly wait to get it.

I wanted to hang these boat prints that I got from freckledlaundry and printed at our local photo shop. Using an old pine frame, some twine and mini clothespins I made this collage frame. 

I think it turned out quite well and I plan to hang it on the wall. 

This is the original dresser that I bought at the same time as the bed (plus a night table) and I painted it General Finishes Lamp Black last year to use as a night table in our bedroom. I decided to bring it back into the guest room. The night table is awaiting a makeover.  I still have lots of plans for our guest bedroom but the changes so far are really fresh and just the feel I was going for. 

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  1. There'a nothing like a white room! I painted our spare/ daughter when she's home room simply white in the fall. Yours is looking great! Enjoy the calm, quiet space!

  2. I love that inspiration picture! i can see that you're already making great progress on your guest room. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's ready.

  3. Love your amazing style!
    Happy that i found you!
    Nice greetings from austria your new follower

  4. I love your inspiration photo and have no doubt your guest bedroom will look fantastic when you're finished. It will be even more inviting for you to spend quiet time reading in there!

  5. Beautiful and heartwarming! :)

  6. I like natural feeling from your guestroom. It feels light and cozy.


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