Winter Dining Room and Vintage Agricultural Ironstone

Yesterday I shared our winter living room. Today I want to share our winter dining room. Our dining room is a smaller space so I like to keep it simple and light year round. There are only a few additions for winter.

Part of the dining room is also the traffic path from the front entry and living room through to the family room and back of our home so furniture has to stay closer to the window side.

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Simply White (except for the Revere Pewter wall that runs from the front entry to the family room.)  

My favourite colour combo for our home is white + wood + black and this room doesn't stray far from that. Lots of fabric with the white cotton drapes, white table runner, crocheted tablecloths in the crate and lots of white linens in the buffet and hutch. I have had this little battenburg lace star for years and think it looks so cute hanging from the knob. 

Some wintery type decor with the faux snow and votive cup in the trio of vases. The boxwood clippings from our garden have dried out and are tied on with simple twine. I also like pine cones and mercury glass from Fall right through till Spring. There are mercury glass candle holders on the window ledge and on the buffet.

The small boxwood wreath adds a nice pop of colour against all the white dishes and neutrals.

A few of my favourite things. I don't think I will ever have too many white dishes and serving pieces.

I pretty much paint everything either black or white but this buffet and hutch came black. I am considering re-painting it all black. Time will tell lol. 

This little bookcase is a stand in until I find or make something else for this spot. It holds extra ironstone platters and vintage mason jars. It also gives me another spot to decorate seasonally.

I moved the vintage black and white agricultural scenes ironstone from the living room to this wall. I had to take down the brown transferware plates from either side of the window but I really think it looks better here.

More mercury glass in this footed bowl full of pinecones and some icy twigs in the sap bucket. Did I mention I have a 'thing' for galvanized pieces too?

A few more of my favourite things lol. It is said that you should love what you surround yourself with and I certainly love these items, colours and materials.

And a few close ups of the super heavy ironstone plates and platters. Our 19 year old son is an ag guy, owns a couple of cows and wants to farm one day. He knows that mom sells stuff and has made me promise that I will never ever get rid of these plates. He claims they are his. I should ask him for the $20 I paid for them haha.

Some close ups of the pieces...

The extra large and extra heavy platter. I use the yellow disc hangers so that they are safer.

The large platter.

The dinner plate. There were quite a few in the box but many were badly damaged and I didn't keep them.

I have two of the smaller side plates. Someone once shared the age and details about this set but unfortunately when my old phone died I lost the info.

Well, thanks for visiting today. I have a Valentine's mantel and decor to share soon.


  1. Elizabeth, I adore black and white with metallic and pearl touches too. Your ironstone and your sideboard are stunning! Mimi xxx

  2. I love the agricultural ironstone plates you have! Black and white is so classic, so they will never go out of style. I like your black and white color scheme in your dining room.

  3. Elizabeth, that set of black transferware is just amazing. I've never seen much black at all. love that you have such a nice collection, I'm sighing just looking at that sheep plate!

  4. It looks great and I too love the plates!

  5. Hi Elizabeth, I really like the black and white ironstone plates on the wall. They set the theme for the whole room, which is lovely. I also enjoyed looking at your living room decor in the previous post. And, I did miss the table and mirror on that end wall. :) Can't wait to see what you find for that spot someday. Have a good week. Pam


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