New Retro Industrial Pendant Light

We have a new light for our living room and I love the retro industrial feel that it adds to our home. I was super happy to replace the 17 year old boob light we had in here with something that better suits our design style.

Recently I was contacted by a lighting company, parrotuncle.com, with an offer to review a light from their website. I started by looking through the large selection of lighting in Parrot Uncle's web catalog and narrowed my choices down to pendant lighting.  From there I decided that the look I wanted was vintage industrial pendant lighting.  

There were several that I thought would be perfect for either our living room or family room and I finally decided on the Retro Industrial Style Pendant Light with Matte Black Metal Box Frame. Although this light would suit either room, we decided on our living room for two reasons: it can be seen from the front entry hall and the coffee table below keeps traffic flow from bumping into the lowered pendant.

When the light arrived we were impressed with the quality of construction. The weld points were nice and neat and it was packaged safely. All hardware for installing it was included and there was lots of wire and chain. We ended up shortening the wire and chain a bit to better suit our living room's 8 foot ceiling height.

I love black metal so it is a good fit style wise for our home. Isn't it pretty? My favourite part is the seeded glass shade. Love it!

They even included the edison bulb. I love the glow it gives, especially at night. The light is actually centred in the ceiling but the opening to our living room though which I took photos, is off center.

Right after we bought our new builder home 17 years ago, there was a leak from the washing machine in our laundry room, directly above our living room. At that time we noticed a tiny bit of stucco discolouration around the 14 inch ceiling mount light but the leak was resolved. When we took the old fixture down our boys discovered some hidden popcorn texture damage. Our living room and cathedral ceiling are the last of the popcorn texture on our main floor and this room is next on our hit list. Our boys did the rest of the main floor, and I told them they had to wait until at least spring to attack this ceiling. We might try a plank ceiling treatment instead. 

That is the front entry through the parapet opening. I so enjoy seeing the new pendant light from that angle too.

Now I'm going to make myself a peppermint tea, turn on the Christmas tree lights and the new pendant light and knit more of my new scarf. If you are looking for some affordable holiday lighting, Parrot Uncle has a sale on Christmas lighting right now, starting at $1.99. Thanks for visiting and I'll be back soon with our Christmas home tour. 

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