Fall Bookcase Vignette in Our Dining Room

Often when a new or re-purposed piece of furniture finds a place in our home there is a domino effect as I move things about, make do with a piece for now or sell other pieces.

Last week I finished converting our first farmhouse table into a desk for the family room. That meant the small drop leaf table we were using as a computer desk went back to my hobby room and this little bookcase was no longer needed. The bookcase was originally a faux wood that I primed and painted Mercury Glass White. After the shuffle, it was waiting patiently by the stairs for one of my guys to carry it up to the hobby room when I got an idea. I plan to make a long rustic console table for this spot in our dining room but for now this would be a nice filler. Plus it gives me a bit of storage and another place to create vignettes. 

I shopped our home and decor storage for the accessories. The only new purchase was the galvanized star (around $4 with a 50% off Michael's coupon.) The courting candle was a Christmas gift many years ago. Everything else was thrifted, garage sale or clearance. 

The hydrangeas are the last squished ones from our garden but I still think they are pretty.

I filled the shelves with a few collections that needed a home until the console is built.

I'm happy to have a temporary place for the stack of ironstone platters I have been collecting. Since I sold the kitchen china cabinets (yes more than one, at least three that I can recall) the platters haven't had a dedicated spot. I kept moving them to the floor when we needed the kitchen table. I painted the little heart on the wood scrap when I was making my kitchen chalkboard

The wire baskets were HomeSense clearance a few years ago and are waiting for the console table to be built. I added some mixed white plates to one and the plain glass vintage canning jars to the other. 

Most of the mason jars are stamped 'CROWN made in Canada' like the aqua collection on our kitchen shelves.

The mercury glass footed bowl was a $3 clearance at a little decor store up north several years ago. The glass milk bottle says "Brampton Jerseys" (neighbouring city and our son owns a Jersey calf and cow.) The square platter and crochet edged runner were garage sale finds. Neutral pieces like these get used over and over in many seasons. 

I used a vintage industrial wood spool as a riser for another plastic pumpkin that I painted. 

There wasn't a great plan to how everything gets styled but I do like to repeat items, colours and materials on the top, the shelves and across the room in the china cabinet (white dishes, metals, galvanized, mercury glass, clear glass, neutral linens etc.) Perfectly imperfect ha! From start to finish in about 20 minutes. 

And just like that, a little texture and interest for this empty wall in our dining room (after I sold both the wine cabinet and the pine pie cabinet that were there for several years each -the side effects of my little painting and furniture flipping side business.) My guys were happy because no one had to carry yet another piece of furniture upstairs. Yet.

 If you didn't get a chance to stop by Kris' Junk Chic Cottage, I was the Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind The Blogger.  Tomorrow I will be sharing the rest of our dining room with Fall decor. Thanks for visiting!


  1. So pretty Elizabeth! I love all your wire pieces!! Have a wonderful week xo

  2. Very pretty Elizabeth. Love all your sweet touches. I have a collection of the crown jars and love them.
    Have a great week.

  3. Very lovely Elizabeth!
    I love how you used that old spool upside down in your wire cloche.

  4. What a beautiful vignette :) So many of your items remind me of my guest house which is decorated with primitives. I agree the neutral pieces can be used for every season over and over again. Great way to use your temporary shelving.

  5. I love your little cabinet and your fall touches are just perfect. Mercury glass, hydrangeas ~ swoon ~ love it!

  6. I think this shelf unit looks really great Elizabeth. You certainly do move things around there! :) I like the wire baskets and your collection of Crown jars. I have one aqua Crown jar that I got at an antique store a few years ago. It's my favourite.

  7. That's a great piece for your dining room. I really like how you styled it too. I think my favorite thing are those wire baskets on the bottom!

  8. That turned out great, Elizabeth. I like those little "fill in" pieces that we can move around here and there at will as we find something to replace them. Love all the wire-baskets and the cloche....everything looks great! xo Diana

  9. I love the combination of metal and glass and wood. So cozy! A great vignette!


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