Painted Pillows -True North and Punctuation

With the change over to Fall textures and colours (in our home that means mostly neutrals) I put away the turquoise and aqua pillows in our living room. I have been enjoying using more text and graphics in our decor and inspired by lots of images on Interest, blogs and Instagram I decided to paint and sew some simple pillows with text.

For these pillows I used supplies I already had on hand (letter stencils, craft paint, fabric medium, muslin and drop cloth fabric.) I used the same technique as I did with this Canada flag pillow and this Christmas JOY pillow. I had seen TRUE NORTH as a graphic somewhere and decided to use it for the first pillow cover to remind us of our country's beautiful outdoors ('True North Strong and Free' is part of our national anthem.) The 22" feather insert is from IKEA.

The second pillow slip is smaller and I used poly stuffing to fill it. This little character pillow was inspired directly by the stencil. The stencil set has about 8 characters per sheet and two sheets were filled with characters and punctuation. I just mixed them up randomly. Quick, easy and no new cost. 

The star pillow is one I made last year. The beautiful and soft Swedish Stripe Woven Cotton Throw is a Dash and Albert that I bought from Meg at Oliver and Rust last year. Last week on Instagram I shared these new pillows in our living room but these photos are the same pillows being tried out in our family room. I am loving the $0 cost and quick solution to fresh new pillows that can be used just about anywhere in our home.

On Monday I will be sharing the picture ledges I added behind this chair, another $0 project using items on hand. I also need to hang and share the rustic wood mantel I made for our fireplace. Hopefully this will be finished soon so I can add some Fall decor to our family room.  It is a cool and rainy weekend here. And a quiet one for hubby and I. Our sons are responsible for the animals in the Agriculture Awareness tent at our local Fall Fair from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon (including sleeping overnight for security and care of the animals.) I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Love the pillow Elizabeth. Have a nice week end. Sounds exciting what the boys are doing with the animals.

  2. Nifty pillow, Elizabeth! I admired your Canada flag pillow and thought I would copy it, but I never got around to it! Sounds like a wonderful pastime for your boys-I miss those days....

  3. I love the "True North" pillow Elizabeth. So perfect for Canada! :) The one with the punctuation and characters is cute too. It's so fun to do these yourself and so much cheaper! Have a great week.

  4. Love your pillows -- perfect texture and neutrals for fall!


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