Family Room Gallery Wall With Picture Ledges

Happy Monday! We had a cool and rainy weekend here in southern Ontario. Not the best light for photos but I wanted to share the picture ledge gallery wall I worked on early in September. This end wall in our family room has had quite a few versions of a photo gallery and although not completely finished, I am finally happy with how it is looking. You might be able to tell by the number of photos ;)

I have the wood to build a shallow but fairly wide shelf/table behind the leather recliner for storage and display. I may have to shift the couch and chair down a bit but if I keep it shallow it should fit.

After painting our family room Simply White (and Revere Pewter on other walls) this was the first version of a photo gallery that I tried on this wall including some empty frames.

This is the second version where I replaced the larger empty frames with two single grad photos.

Then the third version where I lowered the center photos and a fourth version (I can't find a picture of it) had a triple grad photo frame above this grouping. It was getting better but still not what I wanted. 

I wanted more of a collected and layered feel. We have been doing quite a few no-new-cost projects lately and like those I challenged myself to change up this wall with items and supplies already on hand. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I pulled it together.

I started by painting four clear pine IKEA picture ledges that used to hang on our stairs wall about 10 years ago. Then I carefully measured, used a level, anchors and studs to hang them. I had to work around an awkwardly placed light switch so I hung them high and will continue to add some wall mounted and propped pieces below the ledges. 

I decided on a mostly black and white theme using frames we already had (including taking down the gallery wall above the living room couch.) Then I shopped the house and made some new pieces to layer and fill the ledges. I love wood + white + black so I stained some wood scraps and painted 
quick little graphics.

Inspired by Shannon at AKA Designs, I made a version of her Arrow Art With Paint Markers. 

I had a clearance gold R for our last name in the basement and then remembered two small gold frames from a garage sale.

For one frame I printed out a free maple leaves graphic.

For the second gold frame I typed out a fake flashcard (4 for our family + 5 for my sister's family who we hang with all the time = 9.)  A little painted number 4 on a scrap of stained wood (four my family of four.) The pretty glass and metal frame was a birthday gift from a work friend. 

Then I repeated the glass in a science beaker with wheat. 

And since three's work best I added a vintage glass cream bottle. I stamped a maple leaf onto a cork circle and tied it on with twine.

I liked the bit of cork so I added a piece of cork to a black painted frame and glued on scrabble tiles -BE YOU. The little painted 'love' block added a third wood element.

I used both family photos and a few frame fillers. I may change the fillers out to photos eventually. The vintage photo in the top left corner is a favourite of my little sister/bff and I at our oldest sister's wedding when we were 4 and 5 1/2.

These new pillow covers that I made may not stay in our family room. Time will tell ;)  Now to find something simple for over our leather couch and knock a few more projects off my unfinished list (hang the rustic wood mantel I made two weeks ago, finish the board and batten on the fireplace wall, finish the farmhouse table I cut down for a desk...) so I can start the rustic narrow console table. A rug is not in the budget right now but that would be really nice eventually. 

This no new cost picture ledge gallery is one of my favourite wall arrangements to date. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. You have been very busy! ...and the results are outstanding! The shelf looks great and I love the pictures, prints, and items you filled it with! ~Rhonda

  2. Your gallery wall with the use of the ledges looks so nice! They're fun to look at too with all the other cute things you included.

  3. I love all the little personal touches! Very nice.

  4. Very nice, I really need something like that myself!

  5. i always enjoy your style. very cool!! would you call it farmish-country style. i love it either way. such a fan. way awesome. have a great week, Elizabeth! ( :

  6. Your gallery wall turned out beautifully! I like the graphic black and white with pops of gold. Great job!

  7. Love the way that turned out Elizabeth...I love being able to layer!

  8. Great new look! Isn't it fun to challenge yourself that way? I think it tends to unleash our creativity in a very unique way. xo

  9. I loved to see how it all evolved. The final work is great! The layered feel of all the frames and the accent pieces is just perfect, love it all!

  10. Wow your gallery wall is beautiful. Great job.

  11. Your gallery wall adds so much dimension to the room! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the large wall space over your leather couch!

  12. Adding the ledges is a wonderful touch! They look great!

  13. I love this gallery wall! All of the art is beautiful and those picture frame ledges are beautiful!

  14. Love the ledges, Elizabeth! Do you like them better than just having pictures hanging on the wall? My daughter wants to do a gallery wall similar to what I did over our living room sofa but this may be something easier, as well as less holes in the wall.


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