Wood Chalkboard For Our Kitchen

I finished a large chalkboard for our kitchen and I love how the pine stained frame looks with our Simply White and Revere Pewter wall colours.

After painting and selling several buffet and hutches I have finally figured out that I prefer this wall in our kitchen with a lower storage piece. I have plans and bought the wood to make a lower sideboard/shelves. That leaves me with wall space to decorate above the future storage piece.

I wanted a big chalkboard for this area and made one using pine planks and a piece of white board. Four coats of chalkboard paint and I will season it with chalk soon. The chalkboard measures 28" x 45" overall. I stained the pine with Minwax Early American (that looks darker and less orange in real life) and gave it one coat of satin poly.

Besides making the sideboard shelves I also plan to make a tall and narrow cupboard (sort of like a chimney cupboard) to use for a broom, mop and a few cleaning supplies. It will go to the right of the chalkboard next to our patio doors. Our laundry room is upstairs near our bedrooms and there is no mudroom in our home so finding a storage spot on the main floor for a broom etc. has always been a pain. There will be items on the shelves below the chalkboard and I am thinking of adding some ironstone platters or plates above the chalkboard. Would that look too busy? 

 I hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love a large chalkboard in a kitchen like that! You will have fun leaving messages on it or making signs. I think your broom closet will be nice too. i can't imagine not having space for that!

  2. that turned out perfectly! Nice job!!

  3. I love your chalkboard (I'm a teacher so I am nostalgic for the old school blackboards). I think a shelf above it would look nice....maybe for seasonal items? Or some simple boxwood wreaths above would look pretty, too. Have fun styling your kitchen space!

  4. I love your new chalkboard! It looks like a vintage schoolhouse chalkboard and pairs well with your wood shelves. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun writing messages and creating seasonal art on it!

  5. I can never get enough chalkboards! This one looks great and I love all your ideas for filling in the space around it! The broom cupboard sounds like it's going to be awesome!

  6. Awesome!
    Like how it matches the shelves....
    Hubby built a unit into our kitchen at the old house just for brooms etc.
    You wonder what they were thinking when they design these new home. Maybe they thought we all hire cleaners to come in. I wish!!

  7. I love the 'rustic' wood against the white walls.
    I look forward to seeing your sideboard soon.

  8. I love your chalkboard and the frame that you made, it turned out beautifully and looks perfect on your wall. I bought 3 gallons of Revere Pewter over 6 months ago with plans to paint my bedroom but I still haven't gotten around to it. After seeing how pretty the color looks in your home you have motivated to finally get started on it! Hope you are having a great week!

  9. Love the chalkboard! It looks great and I love the idea of putting some ironstone around it. Such a pretty room!

  10. Love the chalkboard. I'm new here (now following) and I really like your style...will be back for more.


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