10 Minute Small Patio Table Makeover

Don't you just love quick and inexpensive little updates?! 

We have been working on some projects in our backyard, and while they are not huge changes (removing old brick paver garden edging, re-grouting patio, replacing dog pee-d sod etc.), they are time consuming. A can of black metal spray paint, a $3 find and ten minutes gave me a fresh looking little side table.

Not the best before photo but the little table was a brownish-verdigris coloured metal. The big vintage frame was a curb find and the huge galvanized wash tub was only $5.

We still need to get more seating for our backyard patio since I sold our patio table and chairs but this little table will look nice between a pair of chairs. Black will definitely be an accent colour and possibly my favourite turquoise too. For now we are enjoying a touch of turquoise in this vintage Crown canning jar with rudbeckia from our garden.

In between some summer day trips and lots of reading I am all over the place working on some other projects (stripping and staining our pine basement stairs and some painting projects.) I am back to work in less than a month and trying to squeeze more out of summer vacation. Hope you are enjoying your week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pretty table! I love this look. Enjoy!!

  2. The table is so pretty Elizabeth.

  3. A cute table! A little spray paint can make a big difference. I have the same Crown jar with ring and glass lid!


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