Rustic Farmhouse Table in ASCP Old White and Provence

Today I am sharing a farmhouse table that I have been working on. I love farmhouse tables. 

First I started out with a base coat of ASCP Provence and then ASCP Old White. I waxed with Annie Sloan soft wax and distressed in just a few places to let the Provence show through.  

The before was part of a two piece open hutch that I picked up for $25. The dated forest green hutch part was damaged around the crown moulding and too short. I didn't like the curved front and flush back of the butcher block so I ended up just using the table base with drawer.

It was easy enough to unscrew the butcher block top and cut some pine planks for a new top. Some sanding, then I used Minwax wood conditioner. Finally I stained them with Minwax Early American, added 3 coats of poly and used the same pocket screws to re-attach the top.

I haven't found the perfect knobs for the drawer so I am using these iron ones for now. We moved the big white office armoire upstairs to my hobby room so I am keeping the table in this spot for now. 

We get soooo much light from the skylights, windows and patio doors in this area of our family room.

The turquoise beads were originally a strand of red wood Christmas beads that I spray painted turquoise. The aqua mason jar holds flowers clipped from our Rose of Sharon bush. 

I think this farmhouse table could easily be used in many different locations in our home. It is the perfect height for a small desk or sofa table.

It perfectly suits the rustic farmhouse / lakehouse vibe I am striving for in our home.

Thanks for stopping in! While I haven't been busy on the blog recently, I have been working behind the scenes organizing and maintaining our home, just nothing overly blog worthy. I am enjoying being off for the summer, spending lots of time with family, and reading into the wee hours of the morning. Later in the week I have a pair of barstools to share that I picked up for $5 and painted. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Hard to believe summer is half way through!

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  1. Wow - night and day!! Love the makeover and your styling too! Have a great day!

  2. It look so good!!! marsha@tubbslanefarm.com

  3. A very lovely make over! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can't beat white with a stained top! In fact my computer table that I'm sitting at right now looks just like yours except the legs are tapered and not turned.

  5. I literally said "Ooooo!" in my head as soon as I saw your little table! It's totally my style too and something I would put in my house in a second! Love that mini adirondack chair too! ...Or muskoka chair depending on who you ask! :)

  6. I am loving the Farmhouse look too, Elizabeth.
    Your pine really adds to the rustic look.

  7. Very nice Elizabeth. Soo beautiful.

  8. The table turned out beautiful! Great job. I love farmhouse tables too.

  9. That's a great looking table! I love farmhouse tables too. I really like how you transformed it. Glad that you're enjoying your summer so far.

  10. It's nice to see a post from you Elizabeth! I love the table you have re-done. It is really beautiful with the natural wood top. Summer is a busy time and I'm glad you are off work and enjoying your vacation. Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

  11. Looks awesome sauce!! Nice to meet you too!

  12. I love your table, it's much like one I have. Perfect size for so many different uses. Love the color you chose and the wood top is perfect. Cathy

  13. I share your love of farmhouse tables. I really like that you kept a the top with its natural wood. Very nice!
    Mary Alice

  14. just found your blog and love your furniture re-dos. I'm hoping I will find a post on the homemade wall cabinet as I love it! read this article


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