Navy and Chevron Outdoor Pillows

It's that time of year where many of us are freshening up our outdoor spaces. With tons of pretty patio and porch inspiration on Pinterest and blogs, I have decided on using a navy, white/neutrals and a pop of tuquoise this year.

Today I made some new pillows for the chairs on our front porch. I have been purging and organizing lately, trying to reuse many supplies I already have on hand, including this navy twill fabric. The chevron ribbon is from Michaels and I just sewed it into a loop and slipped it over the pillows. This could easily just be glued or pinned on but I was already at the sewing machine.

I may find a spot for these floral pillows in the backyard. I am still working on outside projects. The concrete needs a power cleaning and I have some accessories and pots of plants to add.

I am enjoying these new pillows though!

I took a bit of an unintentional blog break while I have been working and spending time organizing our home. I'm not finished but it feels good to get rid of stuff, and even better to make money on items we no longer need. I am really looking forward to my summer off from work, just one more month!

I will share more porch photos when I finish (and when it's not raining!)


  1. Love the blues Elizabeth!!
    It's hard keeping up with the blogging world with this being such a busy season.

  2. Love the cushions! That navy really looks fabulous with the brown chairs.

    Hope you're able to get everything you want done when you want it done! xo

  3. Lovely cushions! You'll have a wonderful summer on the porch.

  4. Sweet pillows Elizabeth. It's nice to get things cleaned out and organized isn't it. That's great that you are having the summer off from work!

  5. It was so nice to hear from you Elizabeth. I had to pop over and catch up on all the changes around your home. I love all the black painted pieces you have now and the clean white walls. I'm thinking of doing more white walls in the new house (not sure hubby is entirely onboard for that though). I hope you are well (you certainly get a lot done so I assume you must be). Work is winding down for both of us and we will be off for the summer - yay! Do you have plans? By the way, I'm moving to your neck of the woods (think little village just on the north edge of your town and right across from the antique store in the mill.) Take care.

    1. I just came across your comment now! Good to hear from you. So glad that summer is here. I'm hoping to do more sorting, purging and deep cleaning around here, plus some day trips and time with family this summer. I was so convinced that was where you were moving to as soon as I saw the picture of your new home. Hopefully we will run into each other!

  6. Love the pillows and love the Chevron design....isn't it great to organize, purge and make money too?...A good thing!

  7. I hope you are getting everything done that you planned for the summer months, Elizabeth. I know how fast the summer months fly by and I've not been posting regularly either. Your chairs look pretty with their new pillows and I hope you had time to sit on those chairs!


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