Basement Stairway Progress

Our stairway to the basement has seen some progress recently. We painted, added new door hardware, stained the railing and added hooks for coats.

For the coat hooks I used a leftover piece of oak, stained it Early American and added black iron hooks that we already had. I should have picked pine because the small black screws that came with the iron coat hooks kept snapping off in the hard oak. I recruited hubby for some muscle power and he managed to get the broken screws out. We ended up buying different stronger screws and I will cover the heads with black paint. These coat hooks are a great spot for our guys to hang their numerous lumber jackets and work coats. We have a closet in the front entry right beside the front door but the newel post is where their coats end up without these hooks. 

Over a year ago our oldest son Kyle removed the popcorn texture from the ceiling. This was a small and contained area that he was trying for the first time. He has since removed the ceiling texture from the main floor hallway, family and dining rooms. 

He also removed the worn carpeting from the stairs. The upper basement stair treads are a basic pine board and the lower basement stairs are painted pine boards and plywood. We are still deciding how to tackle them.

I painted the walls Cotton Balls White, painted the ceiling and the door to the basement. White works for us because there is no light fixture in this upper basement section and only a single bulb in the lower stair section beyond the door.

I changed the hinges and door handles on the main floor to black. 

I was considering oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickle or pewter but black seems to suit the Shingle-like style of our home. These door levers are from Schlage. Unfortunately black is harder to find and a lot more expensive so I will get to the second floor at a later date.

Kyle spray painted the railing supports and sanded the lower railing. I stained it Early American. We plan to re-stain and paint the railing going upstairs later this year. When we decide on our plans for the stair treads we will pick a matching wood for the landing.

So that is our progress on the upper section so far. I patched the walls on the lower section (from all the hockey bags and furniture going up and down) and will be painting it later. Our home is only 16 years old but it is amazing the wear and tear it gets. 


  1. Great progress! Loving how it looks !

  2. Looks great! Have a wonderful week!


  3. I like all of the changes you've been making. I know how good it feels to update a home that has seen better days. We did that with painting our home exterior and updating our master bath. We need to tackle our staircase inside our house next. My husband wants to remove the carpet from the stairs and paint the wood black and the railings black to match. However, he's always so busy. We got a quote from a professional painter to do it but my husband doesn't want to spend the money. So, who knows when that will ever get done! LOL! It takes time and money that's for sure. Little by little you're making progress and that's what counts.

  4. Love how bright the white makes the hallway. Great subtle touches make a huge difference ... the railing, hinges, handles.

  5. I like the brown stain and black accents with the white. It looks fresh and crisp. I'm sure with two teen boys and all the gear that they have that things do get worn and dinged. I remember those days. Everything is looking good there!

  6. Looking good, Elizabeth! We recently changed all of our door knobs and hinges to the rubbed bronze, and yes, what a difference!
    Mary Alice


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