New Lamps for Our Master Bedroom

I am beginning some updates to our master bedroom and recently picked up new lamps for either side of our bed.

Glass lamps have been on my list and I found a pair recently in Target (all Targets are closing down in Canada.) These are fillable but I may just leave them as they are. The wall behind the bed will soon be Revere Pewter and the leather headboard will be getting a slipcover.

Above are the previous lamps. They are wrought iron and if I give them new shades they may make an appearance in a guest room. Time will tell.

I have been working on making changes to the blog and at the same time working on a million and one projects around our home. Call me scattered. I blame it on my creative side that has so many projects swirling around in my head and not enough time or money to get it all done. We are starting to see some progress though.

In continuing to narrow down my design style, I have sold some furniture and accessories. They were okay pieces but not what I want long term. Selling the pieces is giving our rooms a bit of breathing space and as a bonus a bit of money that I can use for other projects.

After finishing the Lamp Black Industrial/Rustic dresser (and loving it!) I moved on to paint some smaller dressers that we will use for night tables until I find a pair equal in size. I will share them tomorrow. The previous night tables were too short for the height of our bed.

If you have my blog in your blog roll (thank you!) could I ask you to consider changing the name or re-following to update to Rustic Maple? Subscribing is another option. My google+ (which I never fully utilized) was lost in the transition. Thanks for considering this and I hope your week is going well. See you tomorrow with the side dresser makeovers.


  1. Elizabeth, I like your new lamps a lot. The size is definitely much better. Maybe you could spray paint the metal ones for the guest room. You sound like you are really busy. I will change the name of your blog in my list and hopefully it will work out. Take care. Pam

  2. I love the changes to your blog already! I hate to hear that Target is closing in your area. I love that store and would be crushed if they closed here! i wonder if you'll be able to continue to order from them though. That would be good if you could! sometimes I order from them because I can't find stock at a store near me. I get free shipping using their RED card too! I love the changes you're going to make to your bedroom!

  3. Love the lamps and I bet you will fill them in no time !
    Yes I like target too! Ooh well I guess we will make a trip to Niagara Falls or Waterdown .

  4. Oh you changed your name! This post did come through in my reader under your old name. I like those glass lamps and haven't had a chance to get to Target to check on what's left.


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