Favourite Vignettes From Our Christmas Home Tour and a Greenery Trick

I enjoy this time of year, not only because of the anticipation of Christmas, but because there are so many great holiday home tours and Christmas related posts. I love seeing different decorating styles, recipes and gift making ideas.

Today I am sharing some of my favourite little vignettes and arrangements from our Christmas home tour, seen in this post. As I putter around our home in the evening, working on last minute projects or wrapping gifts, I love seeing these little spots of Christmas cheer in our home.  Our living room dresser is one of my favourite spots, with naturals, mercury glass, chippy architectural pieces and red accents. Our full living room tour can be found here. 

At night I like to turn on the Christmas tree lights and the globe lights in this olive bucket of naturals. You can see our living room at night in this post.

This large painted wood bowl filled with pinecones, white pine, burlap and vintage silver glass ornaments is simple and really easy to pull together.

This is one of my tricks for keeping the mixed greenery from drying out and making a mess. For smaller bunches of live pine, fir or cedar, tucked here and there I use these florist water tubes. They slip easily amongst the balls or hide behind bowls on shelves. (If you don't overfill them they can lay horizontally without leaking too.)

For larger arrangements, like in the galvanized sap buckets on our office armoire in the family room, I use jars and check the water every week or so. The galvanized sap buckets and watering can get more of a winter look with the birch ball, pinecones and lots of greenery. I got the JOY galvanized letters at Michaels for 70% off. I really like how this area can be seen from both our kitchen and family room, and even a glimpse from the front entry.

This metal milk pail was a purchase, along with the olive bucket above, from Meg at Oliver and Rust's Fall Vintage Sale. I added the found birch limbs, faux greenery and a little piece of leftover ribbon from our family room tree. Again, simple and it can carry over to winter.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Our front entry is small so this vintage honey pail with greens and fillers is a pretty touch and on the cabinet, it's out of the way.

I shared the chunkier new stained kitchen shelves here and I am really enjoying the simpler decor this year.

I like keeping most of our kitchen prep space clear so I perched another galvanized bucket of simple birch and greenery up high on the fridge in the kitchen. 

We have been getting lots of use out of our hot chocolate station. The cutting board was a 50 cent garage sale find that I added a chalkboard to. Since I took the photo I have added a mason jar filled with candy canes. It is simple little touches like these that make our home feel ready for the Christmas season.

Thanks for visiting! We are spending a quiet weekend wrapping presents and having dinner with my dad and sister's family. I always decorate their live tree for them and just as we were sitting down to dinner we heard the crash of the tree falling over, shattering all their glass ornaments. Sister is not a fan of tree decorating so I can see a small tabletop tree in their future. One more week of school/work and then we get to really settle in for Christmas holidays. 


  1. Those are all wonderful glimpses, Elizabeth. I think my favorite though is the lit up olive bucket. xo Diana

  2. I like your natural greenery displays. Your poor sisters tree!!! I hope nothing valuable broke.

  3. I like all the touches of greenery you've added to your home Elizabeth. It looks so pretty. I have a bunch of those water picks saved but never think of them for greenery. The new shelves in the kitchen are really nice. That's a shame about that tree that fell. I would be SO upset if that happened. I have about 100 vintage glass ornaments on our tree. Yikes! Enjoy your last week at work then the holidays!

  4. It all looks beautiful... sorry about the tree falling... how disappointing!

  5. I just adore how you made common objects so festive! Great greenery trick!

    I wanted to thank you for your kindness and friendship. My wish is that your holiday season is filled with peace, love and joy.

    May you and yours be blessed with health and happiness in the new year.

  6. Hi Elizabeth - I really like seeing all your little touches of Christmas around your home. Very pretty! Ugh, how awful that your sister's tree fell over and shattered all the glass ornaments. We're empty nesters now (except for our son coming home from college for visits), so we only put up a tabletop tree on the buffet in our living room. So much easier!

  7. Your Christmas decor is so pretty and tastefully done, Elizabeth. I really like all the natural greenery you're using...and thanks for the tip on keeping it fresh. Lovely vignettes!
    Have a very blessed Christmas!
    Mary Alice

  8. Hi Elizabeth...I just noticed I left a comment on your post under the blog name that I write for the shop I sell out of, Rust & Feathers. Sometimes I forget to sign out...Yikes!
    Mary Alice

  9. Love your hot chocolate station, Elizabeth! I've got to try and make room for one here, especially since it is my drink of choice most afternoons. Love all your touches of greenery, too. I bought a bunch of fresh greenery at the grocery store hoping to add that fresh scent to the house, but it didn't seem to smell as much as I thought it would. I added in a Balsam candle from Yankee Candle though and that seems to satisfy my senses!


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