Paint and More Paint

This is the second weekend of painting the ceilings, walls and trim of our entry hallway, dining room, most of the family room and parts of the kitchen. I am the painter at our home and I'm very happy to be a day or two away from finishing. Since I work during the week, and it now gets dark by 5 pm, painting gets done on the weekends.

Our home has a somewhat open plan and I am using both white and a greige on the main floor. I finished painting the ceilings in our dining room and entry (our teen boys removed the popcorn texture ceiling this past summer.) Last weekend I painted the dining room and one kitchen wall Simply White by Benjamin Moore, just like two of the walls in our family room that I painted in July.  
Simply White -Benjamin Moore source: Pinterest

Revere Pewter -Benjamin Moore source: Pinterest

Today I did the first coat of Revere Pewter in the entry hallway, the center wall that seperates the dining room and living room and then becomes the family room TV/fireplace wall, and the high walls in the cathedral end of our family room/kitchen. The trim colour is Snowfall White (BM) and I still have a bit more of that to finish. I am really loving the fresh combination of white and greige that has replaced tan on our main floor.

After I finish and get everything tidied again I will share some photos before I start decorating for Christmas. It will be a later start to decorating for me this year, but it will be nice to have freshly painted walls. Have you started Christmas decorating yet, or is it too early for you?


  1. I love the new colours, esp. the pewter. It looks so fresh and clean, something I really love as we head into the winter months.

  2. It looks great! I admire that you do all that yourself. Can't wait for more photos.

  3. almost finished with my Christmas decor. the cold temps really made me feel ready to start decorating early. so fun! ( :

  4. Love your paint colors! I've just barely started my Christmas decor.

  5. Love your choice of colors! I used Revere Pewter in my kids bathroom and really fell in love with it. Can't wait to see your new look after it's done. It's too early for me to decorate for Christmas. I still have Thanksgiving to celebrate here, so I start after that has passed.

  6. I love that Revere Pewter! It is so fresh and crisp looking. It gives your room a whole new look! xo Diana


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