Vintage Wood Stool For Our Half Bath

Our half bath off our foyer is small but now that it is freshly painted I wanted to add some accessories. This vintage wood stool is the perfect size for this small space.

I bought the stool, along with some other things that I have yet to photograph, at Meg from Oliver and Rust's vintage sale earlier in the month. I love the patina on this sturdy little stool. When we turn the heat on full time I will slide it over closer to the door.

I'm not stuck on our entry (and kitchen) tile but I am stuck with them for now. Oh to have had the hindsight 15 years ago when I picked them. I shared the wall colour, Grey Owl, in this post. Taking photos of this windowless room is very challenging. I still need to frame out the mirror, change the faucet and add some kind of art to the wall. We switched out the door hinges on our main floor to black and now I need to get new door handles. The only black ones I can find in stores here are $53 a pop. Ouch. It's all about baby steps at our house, ha!

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  1. Oh, I have a thing for vintage stools and I use mine in the bathroom, too. Lucky you to shop Meg's sale.

  2. Thats a cute little stool. I have that same color in my dining room, but it looks different in my house. My room gets a lot of light so my color looks much lighter.

  3. I say SPRAY PAINT the hardware to black! I have done that several times with great results. lol

    I love your little stool. It actually looks really good with the warm toned floor. xo Diana

  4. That is a cute old stool. I have a few of them around the house that I love to use. Ouch, that is very pricey for black doorknobs!


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