ASCP Provence with White Painted Pieces

Today on the way to deliver some items to a furniture consignment store I remembered to take some photos of a few pieces I recently painted with a mix of ASCP Provence and white.

With the colder temperatures I have been painting in our basement kitchen and the flourescent lighting down there is horrible for pictures. My husband may have chuckled as I snapped a few quick photos while he was trying to load my van. 

This little table has been kicking around our home for a number of years. It was my husband's favourite little table to hold his Diet Coke and chips beside a comfy chair while watching hockey games in the basement TV room. I tried the ASCP Provence /white mix  and although the Provence is a lovely colour I'm thinking it is probably not the turquoise that I want for an accent in our basement. I promised Rob that I would find a replacement soon.

Every furniture painter needs great friends and family to scope out freebies and I have some wonderful ones. My co-worker and her mom saved this very solid pair of maple chairs from their neighbours' curb, stored them and even transported the pair to work for me. 

It was hard for me to send this lovely chalkboard off to consignment today but when I decided against using the Provence mix I didn't want to have to repaint it. Time will tell if a bright colour like this will sell. 

I have a few pieces in our garage that need to be brought indoors to work on. We need the garage space for my van this winter now that our 17 year old has a ridiculously large truck. (Ridiculous because momma can't borrow it for furniture picking or delivery because I would need a ladder to get in lol.) 

Hoping you enjoy this weekend and have a great week ahead. Our Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, we celebrated my dad's 85th birthday and I have been working on a few small projects. We are still searching for a replacement job for hubby and feeling sad this week after the loss of two Canadian soldiers in brutal attacks. EIP Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo #OTTAWASTRONG #CANADASTRONG

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  1. I take my stuff to a consignment store too. I like knowing someone else liked my stuff enough to pay money for it! I saw on the news about that terrible shooting in your country. It was so sad for that young soldier to lose his life. Glad that the gunman was killed!

  2. I'm still horrified that something like that happened here...

    I love that colour and your pieces look wonderful.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. The shooting is so horrendous. It is a black mark on our society when things like this happen and I will NEVER understand why these things happen.

    Your projects all look great!!! xo Diana

  4. Love the chalkboard! The blue is pretty. Have a great week ahead.

  5. Love the things that you painted!

  6. Cute, cute pieces. Love the bright color!
    Mary Alice


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