Getting Ready For Winter and Saving Money -Replacing Door Weatherstripping

We have been tackling some regular home maintenance type projects lately and getting our home ready for winter. They don't make for great photos but are projects that help to keep the value in our home and in some cases, like the new front door weatherstripping I just changed, can save us money.

This past winter we noticed that a breeze was actually coming in around the door cold days. A very noticeable cold breeze. We all know that cold air coming in means that heat (and our $) is escaping too. 

Our home is 15 years old and we haven't changed the door weatherstripping before, as you can see by the multiple coats of paint on the old piece. 

When I was painting the exterior trim recently I decided to look into changing out the weather stripping. It's a good thing that I didn't give up after a failed trip to a small hardware store, with old trim in hand, where a guy sold me the wrong product and only 8 feet of it for a whole door. I decided to drive to a neighbouring town to a Home Depot where the HD guy directed us to the proper product. The new weatherstrip came in approx. 7 foot lengths so I bought 3 pieces for less than $20 Cdn.

I tackled this project mostly by myself. The previous stuff was glued and stapled on. It took some serious pulling to get it off and I ended up needing help from hubby Rob with one stubborn section. 

After the trim was painted I measured and cut a vertical piece and pushed it into place. The new style has a plastic edge that sort of snaps, with lots of finger pressure, into the groove in the trim. A few times I had to mark and notch out a small piece of the plastic edge to allow for the nails the builder put through the trim. That was easy enough to do with scissors. The other side and top piece were added in the same manner. I used a small dab of 'no nails' glue on the last inch on the bottoms where the trim didn't have a groove.

It now looks not only cleaner but we are hearing less 'slam' in the door because of the extra cushioning. The tighter seal is sure to save us some money and keep us a bit warmer too. I'm happy to have completed this inexpensive fix. One more project checked off the list. Now if the weather would only co-operate with my work schedule so I can paint the front door! Do you have any winter maintenance projects on your to-do list?

P.S. This is not a compensated post nor do I have any affiliation with Home Depot. My opinion as always is my own. 


  1. We have some areas that need improving to keep our house more energy efficient too. I notice it in the Winter around the doors and windows. I'm sure you will be happy to have your door area fixed for this upcoming Winter.

  2. There are so many little things we need to do to keep up our homes.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Good for you! These kind of 'repairs' aren't fun, but they're definitely more energy efficient!

  4. Good job!! We have a new door that needs to be installed before winter sets in.
    Have a good weekend, Elizabeth!


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