Front Door Paint Colour and Working On A Gallery Wall

After the first week of September being a real scorcher (high 30's C) this past week has been quite cool (in the teens and cooler at night.) I had completed some exterior trim painting but going back to work brought that to a standstill.

I need to get busy and get the front door painted before the weather gets too cold. I chose white trim to go with the new white garage door and white garage man door. 

The roofers were here in late June and we got a new black roof and replacement skylights. This photo shows the crew taking off the old brown shingles. I need to take a photo with the black shingles.

There is also black in our brick. Our exterior lights and the door handles/lock sets are black too. I'm leaning towards the matt black in this photo, Behr Marquee in Limousine Leather. The charcoal grey is Behr Marquee Peppery. What would you do?

I'm also working on some stuff in the family room. After painting this side of the family room I decided to move the gallery wall above the leather sofa to the side wall. This is what I have so far (including the new frames without photos) but I need to keep working on it. I have a great new piece that I am working on for above the couch that I will share soon. 

So that is a snippet of the start to my September, back to work, helping hubby job hunt after his job being out sourced (boo!), my guys back to school, painting exterior trim, painting chairs, gallery wall, getting interior hall and dining room prepped for painting...  As usual, and like many of you, balancing too many things at one time lol. No wonder my Fall decorating is unfinished. Things certainly don't get finished around here very quickly. Hoping your weekend is great!


  1. You have a list of projects to finish before the colder weather sets in as we do. We need to prioritize the list so that what needs to get done does get done.
    It looks like there has been lots going on around your home over the summer months.

  2. I'm the worst at making decorating decisions, but I think I would go for the gray. I think, but i"m not sure ;)

    Sorry to hear about hubby's outsourcing. Darn. I hope he finds something soon.

    Good luck with all the painting and projects.

  3. Looking good so far! I like both your paint choices-and you sure can't go wrong with Behr. I think the charcoal gray makes a nice match with the grout between the bricks and would make a nice rich look. The black would make a nice POP against the red & gray. You can't lose either way.

    I am working on projects, too. It's never-ending, isn't it? xo Diana

  4. HI Elizabeth. You certainly are busy there and I'm sorry your husband is on the job hunt. I hope he finds something soon. Regarding the paint colours, I think they both would work but since your entryway is recessed and fairly dark maybe the charcoal would be better than the black. I like your new photo collage in the family room. I'm thinking of changing mine up over the sofa - new frame colours and all. So far, I'm just thinking. Not much motivation. I hope you have a wonderful week and that some of your projects get finished.

  5. I think you've been very busy! I hope your husband finds a new job soon. I hate to hear that his position has been outsourced. I'm familiar with that happening too. Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and unfortunately, that is one way to do that. I'm sure your weekends are busy with home stuff now. At least you're making progress!


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