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Today I am sharing a tour of my studio / hobby room at Where Bloggers Create 2014. It is the 6th annual blog party to share our creative spaces hosted by Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.

Where Bloggers Create

We are fortunate to have a large guest bedroom in our basement suite so I am able to use our smallest 4th bedroom on our second level as my studio. It is not a huge room so I am often making changes to get the best use of the space. The last time I shared a full studio tour was at the 2011 Where Bloggers Create in this post.


The above collage shows some of the before photos. Last year I moved the large black metal shelving unit to basement storage and finished painting the walls Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls. This week I got my husband to take out the large farmhouse table because it was just too deep and tended to collect piles of stuff. I also sold the vintage printer's drawer that held my threads because they kept getting knocked off.


We moved the painted buffet and hutch from the kitchen for a combination of open and closed storage. The photo boxes store new greeting cards and my large collection of paint chips. The wicker laundry basket holds quilts in progress as the little sign announces.

I use both new and vintage pieces for storage and display. The antique wooden bobbins hold my favourite laces on a tarnished silver pedestal.

My mason jar addiction carries over to the hobby studio for storage of pretty buttons, laces, trims and more.

My current favourite creative activities include sign painting, card making, knitting, crochet and home decor sewing and crafts. I also like to quilt and scrapbook but have less time for these hobbies at this time. I used vintage pudding bowls for stamp supplies, glues and a few punches. A gravy boat holds glitter, and galvanized tins sort and store Fiskars scissors, pens, paintbrushes and more. 

Vintage jello molds sort little bits.

This simple shelving unit is temporary while I search for a tall shallow cupboard with doors. The baskets on top hold yarn and the drawers on the bottom contain scrapbooking stickers.

Gift bags and wrap are stored in the closet but for now ribbons, bows and tissue paper are on an open shelf.

On the short wall beside the door, opposite the window, I replaced the large farmhouse table with a temporary smaller table for my sewing machine. I am searching for a smaller scale farmhouse table so I can spread out a bit without it being too large. No fancy Serger or quilting machine here yet, just my sister-in-law's old super sturdy sewing machine.

 I plan on adding to the gallery wall above the table.

I made an inspiration board with a white spray painted garage sale frame and chicken wire. White ruffled fabric covers an old lampshade on a mason jar lamp.

I downsized from two cubbies to just one for my craft paints. 

My smallish stash of quilting fabric is stored in clear plastic shoe boxes in the closet to prevent fading. The closet also holds a three drawer wire storage unit for decor fabric, our central vac hose/accessories, iron/ironing board and my guys suits and dress shirts. 

Some gifted and collected pieces on a little cupboard that sits on a small chopping block table.

Wicker baskets store my collected denim fabric and vintage white linens. The tiered fruit basket is a catchall for scissors, pens, and sewing supplies.

Ending the tour back at the door. I really like a neutral space with a little colour but with craft supplies it is hard not to have lots of colour. Hopefully I will find the perfect cupboard to store the wrapping supplies etc. behind closed doors. And if I don't soon find a small farmhouse table I may just have to make something. 

I would like to thank you for visiting and I hope you have a moment to comment and let me know that you were here. 


  1. you have such a wonderful place to create, I love it...I create all over the house, it's hard to coral me, lol...Loved the post and would love for you to come for a visit...

  2. Your room looks lovely and I just adore the hutch in there. My craft room is horrible right now with alot of the doors from our kitchen that I will be painting soon.

  3. Of what a wonderful creative space Elizabeth! It's chock full of charm and personality, but totally organized and functional at the same time. How lucky you are to have a dedicated space for all your projects!

  4. It's not every day I see the Virgin Mary over looking such a wonderful creative space!

  5. There must be some Connection between Mason Jar Addiction and the Creative Soul? *winks* Thanks for taking us on the Grand Tour of your Personal Sanctuary... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I have a small back bedroom too, but that doesn't m,ean we can't create great stuff does it.I have to be super tidy.Do you find that. I have had another reorganise, and that made more space!
    Thanks for sharin g.
    Judy x

  7. Nice!! Only bloggers would have gravy boats for storage - perfect!! LoVe the tour!

  8. I love your vintage style! I too like the hutch.

  9. Good for you... You've got a great area there. LOVE the three tiered basket do-hickey.. Wish I had room for one, but surely don't.

    I made my table... super easy. Mine is actually made from an old door found along side the road with trim pieces and 2x4 legs. Practically free. :-) And, that skirt hides LOTS and LOTS of fabric.


    PS... I've so enjoyed this tour and have gotten some great ideas. One chickie hung a vegetable basket from the ceiling with lots of sweet 'lil treats in it. I'll be doing that, for sure!

  10. I adore your painted hutch:-) I'm looking for something like that for some time but no luck so far.
    Lovely studio:-)

  11. What a lovely room! I love the chicken wire inspiration board. Thanks for the tour!

  12. Love the hutch. You're so organized. Thanks for sharing your space.

  13. Wow! Makes my tiny den looks very much downscaled!!=)


    Best wishes from a fellow Elizabeth!

  14. What a lovely place for all of your craft supplies, and I love how you've used vintage pieces to hold many of the items! It must be a pleasure to craft in that neat and organized space!

    xo Kat

  15. Love that hutch in your craft space, Elizabeth! I really like the idea of open and closed storage and that piece provides both for you wonderfully. Plus, I like that it is white; keeps everything light. I need to find a better storage piece for my craft paints. For awhile I didn't have very much so a small metal bin worked fine, but now I have some that won't fit in there so I think it's time to find something new. Thanks for sharing your space!

  16. What a fun space! I love the bobbins, jars and tins. Oh, how I would love to see them in person. Thanks for sharing!

  17. You have a wonderful craft space. It must be nice to have one central area to store everything and make things. My stuff is scattered in different areas. I love your ribbon holder for wrapping gifts. Great idea!

  18. Wow, great storage. I love mason jars for everything.

    Great room to hide away in and do crafts!

  19. Your space looks great, and so organized! :)

  20. great collections . . . wonderful displays . . . I love all the numbered items

  21. Great space to create! Yours is so tidy. Gives me inspiration to clean my studio.

  22. What a great space filled with all sorts of creative incentives! I especially like the little Jello molds used to hold little this and thats. Lovely! Jane

  23. Love love love your space. Very organized. Love that measure twice and cut once sign.

  24. What a lovely studio to work on!!! Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you enjoyed.:)
    Take care

  25. Love your sewing/craft studio!! Just came from Susan's blog and signed up to be your newest follower.

  26. Hi Elizabeth!! Oh there are so many things in there that I just love! The large white china hutch is fabulous!! Of course I also like all little vintage goodies. :) Thanks so much for joining the party and sharing your photos with everyone!!

  27. Looks as if you have a quiet, peacefully pretty space in which to dream and do.


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