Our Living Room ~New Pillows and A Painted Crate

When I stumbled upon this modern floral fabric with a mix of my favourite neutrals and aquas I knew it would be perfect for some new pillow covers for our living room.

I love the neutral base of our living room because I can easily add my favourite aquas, turquoises and blues. The white walls, white painted tables, white slip covered chair, and ruffled pillow slips give me the lighter softer look I crave and the leather sofa and wood dresser add the rustic element I love so much. 

The pillow fabric was fairly expensive for my budget, so I only bought enough for three pillow fronts and used a heavy canvas from my stash for the envelope backs (with my sil's 40% off Fabricland card it worked out to about $5/pillow slip.) The new 18" pillow inserts were $9 each from the fabric district in Hamilton, ON.

The fabric background is off white with light beige, grey, blue, turquoise and aqua floral motifs. A hint of modern and the colours are so me. 

Over the summer I painted this crate from Michael's craft store with leftover blue paint, sanded the edges and then stained it. For now I tossed some extra pillows in it but I may add casters and use it for quilts or throws.

Like the rest of our home our living room is evolving and not finished but I am really liking the way it is looking (blurry photos and all!) I am keeping an eye out for a larger end table for the right side of the couch (the little one belongs in our basement tv room.) An area rug isn't in our budget right now (unless I find an awesome deal.)

  The curtain rod needs to be hung up and I will add a pair of white panels.

We have a matching chair to the white slip covered chair that is currently in our family room that I may bring in here and put in place of the white Windsor chair. The Canada flag pillow I made also belongs in our basement tv room.

So you can see there are still projects in the works, but the very next project in this room will be adding the new frames I bought to expand the gallery wall above the sofa. It will involve taking the frames down, starting the spacing from scratch, tracing the frames on kraft paper and some wall putty. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, this is so pretty. Love your rich dark sofa with the pop of blue on those pillows. I will be checking back to see what you decided to do with the photos. Fall is almost upon us where I live, and I am going to get out the indoor paints and freshen this house up too. Keep smiling and creating.

  2. It is looking VERY nice in your room. I love your new pillows AND the bits and pieces you have "stolen" from other rooms. Can't wait to see your new gallery wall- xo Diana

  3. I really like the new turquoise flowered pillows. I just did turquoise accents in my downstairs bathroom, great colour!

  4. Everything looks beautiful Elizabeth
    WHERE did you get that Canada flag pillow - did you make that???
    It's awesome!

  5. Love your new pillows. Great color against the brown sofa.

  6. Love the new pillow covers you made! The touch of aqua looks so good in there. That room is very pretty altogether.

  7. the touch of aqua colors are so pretty! beautifully done

  8. The changes look great! I love the new pillows :)

  9. I love your new cushion covers and the painted box under your coffee table that gives it more weight and presence (and some storage). I love seeing the progress as you find treasures to add to your home.

  10. The blues look great against the brown sofa. Good idea to paint the crate.


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