Ongoing Completed Projects List, A Replaced Patio Screen and A Light

I love making lists for all sorts of things. When it comes to planning home or creative projects I create lots of lists. From quick supply lists entered into my iphone for when I'm at the hardware store to long carefully hand written dream project lists in my planner. I also start lots of big projects that require more time and money and they seem to never be finished. So this year, instead of the 'dream list' I decided to document, all in one spot, the completed projects. Whether they were small and quick, expensive or with supplies on hand, something I have been working on for awhile or just popped off one night in a creative burst of energy. 
Ongoing Completed Projects List 2013

So I created a link on this page, in the sidebar, that I will keep updated with links and photos of completed DIY, painted and handmade projects for this calendar year. Projects I have completed (like sewing our new king bedskirt) or projects we worked on as a family (cleaning and purging the garage right down to the bare walls and floor) or projects our 16 year old has decided to tackle (like stripping the popcorn ceiling off the basement stairwell ceiling.) These little or not so little projects are accomplishments too. And together they all help add up to a more comfortable and finished home for our family. 

This new patio screen mesh is one of those projects that I am super happy to have on the complete list. Our chocolate Lab Remington is now three and when she was a pup she did quite a bit of damage to the screen jumping up on it. There were at least a dozen tears and holes. We avoided replacing it because the last time we did my husband took it to a hardware store and they charged us almost $100 ! Instead I picked up a screen kit for $12 and our 16 year old son replaced it. (My hubby will do dishes or laundry till forever, but prefers to be absent or at most the helper on diy projects lol.) My brother, a real skilled type, stopped by last night and said the screen replacement was tight and straight, perfect even for a pro and this was Kyle's first attempt.

Kyle also decided to tackle spray painting the 15 year old rusty backyard patio light. We could have replaced it but we like the simple jar style and for the cost of spray paint this was a pretty easy solution.

It looks good as new now. One little project at a time can really add up. And if any of those dream projects from my planner or large projects already under way get completed, well I'll add links to those too. 

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  1. The screen looks amazing, great job to your son, he is going to be a real DIYer. The lights looks amazing too. Hugs, Marty

  2. This looks lovely! It's the little projects that make the space :)

  3. Elizabeth- How great to get some projects done. Your son did a great job rescreening and your hubby sounds like my own except THIS ONE does not do dishes or ANY household chores!;>) Love the light- I think it looks great- xo Diana

  4. I'm a list maker too. Sometimes, it's a good idea to take stock of what projects you HAVE completed instead of just the ones that still need to be done. Good idea! Glad you're able to mark some projects off your list now.

  5. I need to make more lists to stay organized...like you!

  6. yay!! don't you just ♥ crossing stuff OFF your to do lists. I'm a total list maker too! it is so very satisfying to stay on track and get things done and DREAM!!

  7. That's a great idea, to make a master list, then when you check them off won't it feel good?! I need to do this, too. Take care


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