Painted Pine Boxes with Decoy Details

 I have been avoiding some of the bigger home projects I am supposed to be working on but I have been able to finish some more smaller painted projects.

Until mid-week it had been very hot and humid and these smaller projects were so much more appealing than prepping bathroom walls for painting, sanding the porch railing and repainting, or painting the trim around the new garage door.

I couldn't pass up these pine boxes with the duck decoy add ons at a woodworkers retirement sale recently. I thought they might work for storing video games or dvd's in the TV area of our basement guest suite. I don't want things too themed but my plans are for a Canadian cottage feel to the space. They were only $3 each. At first I was going to stain the solid pine boxes but ended up painting them with leftover paint in black and blue. 

These are the chunky pine benches that I shared here the other day, from the same sale.

Now that I see the photos I am thinking I will tone down the red and green wings on the ducks with a bit of craft paint. Then, decide if I will keep them or sell them. Our oldest son had a dairy show on Thursday and Friday and we are planning on relaxing this weekend. What are you doing this weekend?


  1. You got some great pieces at the woodworkers sale. I love the little benches and can visualize many uses for them.

  2. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  3. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for visiting my studio tour and your sweet comments. I will be a follower of your blog now that I have found it. The benches were a great find!

  4. Thanks so much for popping by. I just had a look at your home tour. WOW you sure know how to pull the anitques together. So organized and gorgeously presented. Nice to see another Canadian. I LOVE your Hydrangeas, my favorite flower for sure. Keep smiling and creating.
    PS also putting my canadian 1 cent worth of opinion on your sofa hanging arrangement.

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  6. Hi Elizabeth. You have so many lovely things shown on your blog here. I'm sure you will make these duck boxes look extraordinary. Thank you for stopping by my studio/blog and for sharing your design advice.

  7. I really like the benches, and the way you've displayed them Elizabeth!
    Your house is so charming.


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