Organizing ~Our Front Hall Closet

Our home doesn't have a mudroom {I wish!} so our front entry hall and closet get tons of use. Keeping it organized can be a real pain.

My husband and I set aside some time this weekend to reorganize the closet and clear out the winter gear (this should have been done a few months ago but better late than never!)

I picked up a few inexpensive storage items recently that helped us better organize the closet. The hanging shoe organizers were on clearance at RealCanadian Superstore for $2 each and the baskets are from Dollarama for $1.25 each. We had the wood shoe rack and wood coat hangers for many years, all from IKEA.

The very crammed and messy before with too many winter coats and mismatched shoe organizers. 

We started by emptying out the closet, cleaning the floor and hanging the three new shoe organizers. All the winter coats and vests went to our basement storage closet until they are needed again. Our wind breakers and rain coats all fit in the hidden right side of the closet so it is looking pretty empty right now. Those hangers will fill up again once cold weather returns.

We got rid of worn out and outgrown shoes. The two shoe organizers we had were fine but I like the look and the colours of the new ones. And having three organizers keeps the floor much tidier and shoes cleaner. 

My guys have tons of ball caps so we weeded out the ones they don't wear and still had more than 40 favourites. Some are in their rooms and the rest are in the plastic baskets. I also used one of the baskets to keep reusable shopping bags handy.

Winter hats, scarves and gloves that are stored in the console cupboard for easy access during cold weather are kept in this trio of bins off season. 

We also reused the wood shoe rack for taller shoes and work boots (the shoe rack extends further into the closet on the right.) Barn work boots and barn rubber boots are stored on a shelf in the garage. Dress shoes have always been stored in our bedroom closets.

In about an hour my husband and I managed to tame the entry hall closet with items we already had and a few inexpensive purchases. It is still not a fancy mudroom but it works for us. I'm very happy to be on vacation for the summer so I can spend some time tackling projects around our home. Do you have a closet or cupboard that has gotten out of control or do you keep them tidy all the time?

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  1. I love the colors. so cheerful. very nice!! ( :

  2. Your closet looks great and I just love the wreath you have on it. I am going to steal that idea. I just wished my closets were so organized.

  3. Elizabeth I like your organizers for shoes and hats! It looks great and the bright colours are pretty. Gotta love the Dollarama! We have 2 hall closets at the top of the front entry stairs and they are full of all season coats, pillows, winter wear purses etc. Oh and the vacuum cleaner and Christmas decor too! I really need to do something with them! I wish we had a mud room too.

  4. Your closet looks so nice and tidy now! Love the bright colored storage items you bought for it too. We store all of our coats in the coat closet (like yours) inside the hall. We bring them out during the cold months and hang them on a coat rack on the basement stairs area leading to the garage. We also keep shoes there too as well as our bedroom closets. I wish I had a mudroom too. We've sort of created one in our basement area, but I'd rather have a real separate room with a bench to sit on to put on shoes etc. Maybe in our next house, we'll have one.

  5. much better. and so cheery. Doesn't make you just wanting to open the door and look at it? I will need to clean out our hall closet too

  6. great job! love those colours. I'm forever organizing and re-organizing stuff. I've spent the last 3 days organizing my shop - holy what a mess!! I'm up to the final touches organizing stage now and it feels so much better to walk into a space where you can see the floor. LOL!

    Have a great week xox

  7. I need some of those shoe hangers, must look around for some. Closet looks bright and cheery now.

  8. Wow, great makeover! It would look god at my house for about 2 days and then I am afraid all the pretty colors and organization would be gone....lol..I love the green.. I love all things organized...if I could just get my family to get it....:) Thanks for sharing and Blessings! Keep posting all your great makeovers!

  9. I have MANY out-of-control closets! Love your use of multiple shoe holders.

  10. Awesome....love this post! I am feeling inspired because I always ignore my closets, until of course I try looking for something and can't! I may have to copy your idea.

  11. Your closet is beautifully organized! I bet it just makes you smile every time you open the door!


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