Living Room Gallery Wall ~Advice Needed Please

The gallery wall in our living room has been a work in progress for some time now and I am wondering if I should add some vintage platters to it or just more framed pieces.

Our home, and our living room, is very casual in style. We love rustic, farmhouse and lots of agricultural influences.

The framed pieces I am using have a farm related theme: three photos of calves our son has shown, a N.Noel print, a cross stitched piece, and a feed and seed sign I painted.

The vintage black transferware platters I found also have farm scenes. I tried hanging them on cheap wire plate hangers but they are HEAVY! Not wanting them to crash and break, I ordered DISC hangers and I now feel confident to hang them.

I have the large platter, the medium platter, a dinner plate and two side plates.

Now I'm seeking advice as to whether I should add them to the gallery above the sofa as in the photo above, or should I put them on another wall in this same room? And should the larger platter go on top, or the medium platter on top? If the plates go on another wall then I will be adding more framed pieces to make the gallery wider. I would love to hear your ideas! 

We are having a hot spell with rain and lots of afternoon thunderstorms from all the built up humidity. I'm enjoying working on some painted projects. How is your weekend going?

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  1. I think you should definitely hang the dishes above the couch with the framed pieces. It will balance the wall space with the size of the couch. By the way, I grew up on a farm with my family and my grandparent. We had those same dishes.

  2. Oh it so scarey giving advice but you are asking so here goes...
    I would add the plates but in doing so I would remove the items that are on the lamp tables that flank your couch. I think it will look too busy. If that is a no-go then I would go with the frames on that wall and not the plates.
    If you go with the plates I would balance it out with large and small on either side. I think it will look unbalanced otherwise. Too busy for the eye.
    And of course, Elizabeth..love your farm themed rooms.

  3. Not sure if that was clear...by large and small I mean a mix of sizes on the left and then again on the right.

  4. I would add to the existing gallery wall. A little more width would balance nicely! ... And I love those disc hangers! I did a gallery wall of plates a few months ago and they are still on the wall - yay!

  5. I think I would move the largest frame to the lower level. place the two currently below that one stacked to one side. then on the oposite side heavy dark frame on bottom other last frame on top of that. Feed sign then over the first three to square it up. Platters to either side plates to balance as you were planning. Looks easier when I draw it LOL I will be checking back to see what you do.

  6. I think you need to spread all those items apart a bit more. They are very close and do not stand on their own. By doing this, you may not need to add to the collection.


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