Hobby Studio ~ A Ruffled Lampshade and Organizing

This past week I finally re-organized my hobby studio and even had time to work on some projects including a ruffled lampshade. I will be posting a full room reveal with lots of photos soon, but for today I will share some little projects.

My last hobby studio makeover was back in 2011 for Where Bloggers Create. You can see that post here. In October of last year I finally got around to moving the big wire shelving so I could paint behind it.

Emptying the stuff off the shelf resulted in this mess:

I tackled some of the mess this January so I could work on a few projects but I still needed to go through everything and find new solutions. Not only did I procrastinate, but I work full time outside our home and like most families our kids and life keep us pretty busy. And like most hobby spaces little piles not taken care of soon grow to be bigger piles. Without dedicated spaces for items things got out of hand. And being the fourth bedroom upstairs it was easier to just close the door. 
Since I am off work each summer, I now have plenty of time and the hobby studio was pretty high on my list of spaces to tackle. I switched out a dresser that wasn't working and added two simple wood shelf units. This really opened up the small room (okay, so did clearing out all the piles of fabric and frames on the floor lol.) I also took a large garbage bag of outdated fabric and supplies to the thrift store.

One solution I came up with was using this vintage typesetter's drawer I picked up for $5 as storage for thread spools. Spools of different sizes were hard to fit and remove from the plastic kind I used before. Now the spools are within easy reach of my sewing machine and I can easily see what colours I have.

The lampshade on the mason jar lamp needed to be replaced or updated. I chose to update it. I used strips from a white cotton sheet I bought on clearance at Lands End and made lots of rufffles that I hot glued to the old shade. I love white and ruffles! I added a simple stamped CREATE to a tag tied on with turquoise and white twine.

My supplies add lots of colour to the room, but the main colours are white and turquoise. This sign is a clearance purchase from a few years ago and I decided to paint over the red 'measure' and 'cut' with turquoise. Love it now. There are still a few things to hang and then I can take photos.  No cost updates make me happy. Now that the room is organized and tidy it is so much easier completing projects.

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  1. What a great idea for storing your spools of thread! And I love your cubbies for other supplies. It always feels so good to get organized.
    Mary Alice

  2. Love the thread storage, and the sign is priceless. The makeover of this area is looking amazing.

  3. So satisfying to get some order to our homes, isn't it. I love your spool holder and your new lamp shade.

  4. I'll be keeping my eye out for printers drawers now! Great idea. The ruffled lamp shade is cute as could be.

  5. That looks awesome! and I think that 2011 Where Bloggers Create party is where I met you for the first time!

    Can't believe it was that long ago, time flies...

    Have a great week!

  6. Turned out beautiful and gives me ideas for making my sewing room look nicer. My problem is too much stuff!

  7. I've been working in my craft room lately, too. Doesn't it feel good to get a space organized again? Updating a lamp shade is also on my to-do list. Yours turned out really cute.

  8. What a gorgeous room! I love all your touches. I love the rustic-ness. And that lamp shade!!
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  9. What a fantastic space - I love that lamp shade more than I can say - with glue??? It's gorgeous!

  10. Hi Elizabeth-

    Love your space...a hobby/craft room is a dream of mine.

    Thanks for linking with Jo-Anna and me at Our Sunday Best. We are sharing some of your photos at our Pinterest Board. I'm also going to pin some to my organizing crafts board.

    I assume you are a teacher if you have summers off? If so, what grades?

    Have a lovely Sunday,

  11. Oops! I was logged into my other blog. It's Nicolette from momnivore's dilemma. :)


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