Our Kitchen~ A Crocheted Hand Towel Holder

I have been having some fun adding more blue to our neutral home, this time in the kitchen with some colourful hand towels.

My oldest sister Kathy often crochets right onto the top of each towel, as you often see at craft fairs, and gifts us new towels at Christmas. But with lots of traffic in our home I like to change out the towel at the sink at the very least daily. This way I can switch the towel and not have to crochet as many tops.

Our kitchen is pretty builder basic and I have been adding a bit of character with mouldings. I still have some finishing work to do and I want to add some bead board to the backsplash. My plan is to get to that this summer.

The hand towels are from Dollarama and I like the fresh blues and greens. The little wooden crate is part of a gift to us from my sweet sister-in-law Georgie. The canning jar soap pump is my first attempt at making one and it worked out okay. I used a new jar with the two piece ring top. I'm hoping to get brave enough figure out how to punch a hole in a vintage one piece zinc lid with the milk glass inner part.

This isn't the sharpest photo but you can see the basic idea. The pattern called for a button to loop over a door handle/pull, like on our oven, but with knobs on our cupboards the hole at the top works better.

I sort of followed this crocheted towel holder pattern via Little Birdie Secrets but changed it up a bit as I went. The yarn is Handicrafter 100% cotton from Michael's and I used a 5 mm hook. Easy peasy and a simple project to do when kicking back with a nasty cold virus with my 14 year old son on a quiet Friday. We are spending a quiet day here today and will be having a Father's Day bbq tomorrow.

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  1. How cute and fun. Love the soft blue color. Hugs, Marty

  2. I like the idea of the holder to hold different hand towels in. The blues are so pretty. I should check out Dollarama for some pretty towels for summer. The soap jar is nice too. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I have a holder that is similar as I change towels frequently too. Nice little project.

  4. Nifty idea and I love your color pop choices.

  5. My grandma used to make kitchen cloths with crochet tops and a button. SO cute. My mom always had that kind of hand towel in our kitchen growing up.

  6. I love those! My mom used to make them and I'd forgotten all about that design.

    Thanks for the reminder!!


  7. So cute!! What a great idea!

    Thanks so much for joining the All Canadian Link Up as well!

  8. Cute little blue mirror....I like this idea!

  9. My grandma made these! Your kitchen looks so clean, and fresh!!! Love the colors you have in there!
    Feel better soon, Elizabeth.

  10. That's a cute idea to hang your towels from a crochet hanger like that. I've seen the ones that button on, but never one that can be used universally. I love the bright blues and greens together.

  11. This is such a great idea! I love your colorful towels, too! You have a beautiful home!

  12. Love your pops of color! Really adds so much to your kitchen.

    Great job!


  13. Those are very nice colours in the hand towels, I will have to check out our Dollarama to see if they have those.
    Your kitchen is looking very nice with those great colours in it!
    I like the little crocheted piece, I will have to pin that so I can find it later when I have time to figure it out.
    Have a good week!

  14. don't ya just love a cute dishtowel?? I use a string of ribbon tied around the 'neck' of the towel to hang from my dishwasher to keep in handy and in place - mmmm - might have to show ya someday! xo

  15. I love the colours you chose for the hand towels! Isn't Dollarama the best?!

  16. I love cute dish towels! Your idea of a holder certainly makes sense. Can't wait to see your beadboard back splash. I would LOVE to do that in my kitchen but have no idea when (or if) it will ever happen. Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave such nice comments. I appreciate every one!


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