A great pair of jeans is my favourite thing to wear. Cozy and rustic and oh so comfortable. Dark wash or perfectly faded and worn in. Denim used in soft furnishings may not be everyone's style but I love using it in our home. 

And I love how worn denim can be transformed into beautiful projects. Legend Blues is responsible for my heart beating just a bit faster this afternoon when I stumbled upon these photos of denim upholstered furniture. The company produces "one-of-a-kind items that tell a story that is authentic to its owner."

Denim with rivets, zippers, pockets and seams still intact. Dark woods and nailhead trim -oh my!
Furniture love I tell you.

I would really love to try upholstering something like this. In the late 90's I sewed by-the-metre denim slip covers for a large leather couch, love seat and chair that really worked well for us at the time. But now I need to use real jeans with all their details and imperfections.
Obviously I couldn't pull off a wonderful piece like this sleeper sofa, but maybe I could try a smaller chair. I already collect my family's old jeans and I will keep doing that. I wouldn't want a whole room full of denim, but I do love how it goes so well with whites, leather, grainsacks and can be dressed up with a pretty pattern or a bit of bling.

A couple of years ago I sewed these denim and whites pillow slips with old jeans, white denim, and drop cloth with added lace and crocheted trim.

This past Christmas I made a pair of denim and linen Christmas stockings.

This twin sized denim quilt is great for snuggling while watching TV in our basement TV room. I collected quite a few pairs of jeans to get all these 6" squares.

Recently I won a mini loom from the very sweet Dru and her hubby John at The Country Farm Home. I can hardly wait till the end of June, when I am off for the summer, to learn this new skill. 

Right now I am trying to get through this last month of work and enjoying lots of family activities. I spent an overcast early Saturday morning checking out local garage sales with my usual buddy (youngest son) but this time my sister-in-law tagged along. Then my sil and I spent a great day visiting some shops and lunching in downtown Oakville, Ontario. Saturday night we visited a street festival in nearby Milton, Ontario and today  I started some small paint projects and had my sister over for dinner. Did you have a good weekend?


  1. I have been saving denim for awhile now so I can work on some projects. I like those chairs, just not brave enough to try. I'll be making a rag quilt, some pillows and placemats.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. Fabulous! I love denim too - great inspiration!!

  3. The denim covered furniture is really something! I bet that was a challenge to cover those pieces using real jeans and not just the fabric. I do like a little denim (as you said) mixed in with other pieces.

  4. Oh that denim covered couch is amazing! Thinks about how it would stand up to the wear and tear of family life! Perfectly!! Love the shops at Oakville especially along the Lakeshore. Have you visited the newer area along Brant street near the lake in Burlington? Just as lovely....

  5. Oh I love that first chair with the Wood ... beautiful

  6. How unique and original are those denim pieces. Love all of them. The wood trim on the chair is so beautiful along with the denim.

  7. Love your denim inspiration pics. Can't wait to see if you pull one of these looks off.

  8. I used to have a denim slipcovered sofa that our family loved for years till we finally had to say good bye to it. Love the inspiration, the chairs were awesome.


  9. I heart denim too!! Love all the pictures...you've given me lots of ideas for using some old denim jeans.

  10. Such cute ideas! You're so talented! (I love the stockings :)

  11. Oh be still my heart! I've decided to have a washed pale blue denim slipcover made for our couch once we move into our new house. I wish I could afford a ginormous denim slipcovered sectional! So much inspiration in this post!

  12. Denim jean upholstery or slip covers look fabulous! And they would wear forever, too. I don't care for that shade of blue, I only like turquoise, but I could live with the denim on something, I just know it!
    Your pillows are very pretty.

  13. Loved these inspiration photos,Elizabeth.

    My children's paternal grandmother made a big denim quilt, before they were born. We used the quilt all through their childhood. We spread it out on the lawn for picnics or outdoor naps in Summer. It was used on the floor for indoor camp outs. We used that old quilt in many ways. One of the girls still has it and it doesn't look anywhere near it's true age...over 50 years old.
    I like denim.

  14. Awesome post! Denim is always a classic and a neutral.
    Very fun...

  15. Fantastic inspiration. It never goes out of style.

  16. That furniture has got to be so comfortable to sit in, Elizabeth! I also love the stockings.

  17. Fun ideas for denim - why not, I wear it all the time! Take care, Laura


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