Getting Ready For Fair Season

Most of my creative projects have been put on hold these past two weeks. 

This is the time of year that our boys start to really get busy with their 4-H projects in preparation for the upcoming Fair and show seasons. 

Our 16 year old Kyle bought two goats in early June for the new 4-H Goat club and they are being housed at their friends' farm. In addition to a barn pen, my boys and their friends rigged these outside pen areas with gates and calf huts for lots of fresh air.

The goats also get lots of walks and time in the bigger pastures. This little one was a bit sickly when she arrived, coughing and not gaining weight. They were quite worried about her but she has had lots of care and attention and seems to be doing much better.

I bought some leather dog collars for the goats because leading them is part of the learning process.

Since we are only a ten minute drive away, I often drop the boys off with their best friends and pick them up later. This day they spent a lot of time sitting in lawn chairs just watching the goats. They assured me they were watching the sun and shade patterns from the tree to make sure the goats had plenty of shade and that they were really not being lazy lol !

Kyle is showing a red and white Holstein this year for Dairy Club and he is spending lots of time getting her ready. We are fortunate to know some great 4-H people that share their knowledge and cattle with the young people.

School just finished last week for high school, this week for elementary and yesterday for me. We had two graduations in our family (our youngest son from grade 8-that's Josh in the red shirt- and my niece from grade 12.) I will still be busy driving the boys from farm to farm and to meetings, but this mom is going to finally have a two month vacation from work and lots of time for taking care of our home and projects. Welcome summer! 


  1. Oh I wish I lived the farm life... Your post made my heart swell and nostalgic for the country days of my youth. While city life holds many treasures and so many conveniences (not to mention the reduced allergens that plague my man and boy) we will never be able look out back and see fields and livestock. Loved reading about your boys' summer projects!

  2. I remember when my kids did 4-H. Great times:). Hope your kids win lots of ribbons.

  3. ohmygosh, those little goats are adorable!! what a great thing your kiddos are doing! have fun with summer!

  4. I love this post!!! Congrats on your graduate!

  5. Oh! Those goats look so cute! My kids have totally missed out on this kind of experience, so your boys are so lucky! Have a wonderful Canada Day Elizabeth! Angie xo

  6. So glad to hear that you're finally out on vacation for the summer! Your boys look like they're making good use of it already themselves! The livestock they take care of are lucky to be in such good hands.

  7. Best of luck to the boys in the upcoming fair season. Our grandkids love to visit the animals at the fair.

  8. Good luck to your boys at the fair. The 4-H Booths were my favorite part of the county fair back home.
    Have a fun summer, Elizabeth.

  9. Fabulous!!! When I lived in London, my favourite thing to do was go to the Western Fair & see all the 4H projects.

    So cool - you're making me homesick!!!


  10. 4H is so much fun for many. How could anyone ever be lazy when they are making sure the goats have their shade .. *smile*


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