Finishing Some Painted Pieces

I found some time today to take photos of a few pieces I have painted recently. 

I love finding pieces to paint at garage sales but if I don't take the time to get them painted the pile can get out of control. Can you relate to that? We still have 3 weeks of school and work left before summer, but I squeezed in some painting projects in the evenings and now have a few more completed. 

For this pine box I layered black over a base coat of blue then distressed it and finished with a wax.

It is a great spot to store shelter mags for now but it is one of those pieces that could have lots of uses. Can you tell that I am still excited about the feature in Romantic Homes magazine?

This is the before, a $3 pine box that might have been intended as a planter. 

I also finished painting this little bookcase with a home made chalk paint mixture in Ben Moore Origins Mercury Glass. I'm still deciding whether to use it here in the family room, or in the little exercise area of our basement guest suite bedroom. Now that it is painted white it looks nice, but this was one of those pieces that I regretted as soon as it came home.

I found it on kijiji for $25 and sent my husband to pick it up. I told him to check that it was real wood (the online picture was blurry.)  He didn't check and it wasn't real wood. Seriously, a man who worked in and ran his father's lumber mill for years didn't check to see if it was real wood. Good thing he is super sweet and will pick up all my purchases and lug them from room to room! It is a pressed board with a pine finish. After debating tossing it I decided to try painting it since it was a solid bookcase. It turned out okay and I will keep it until I find a real wood one.

This robin's egg blue painted box has been shared before on our basement kitchen counter but the lighting was off so I am sharing it again today. We use it here in the office end of our family room to store all the necessary cords for cameras, phones, ipods etc.

The paint is craft paint mixed with plaster of paris for a home made chalk paint, and then distressed and waxed. A super cheap and easy way to update a $4 thrift store pine breadbox. I love how buffing the Minwax paste wax brings up the colours and has a subtle shine.

I'm back to painting again today. I'm trying to mix Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone again. Last weekend I had trouble mixing the MMS Milk Paint I bought a few weeks ago. Good thing I only mixed a small amount because it didn't work out. I watched all the videos but the problem was that I think I added too much bonding agent and/or I used a battery operated frother to mix it. It was full of bubbles that transferred to the tray I was painting and didn't lay down nicely, even after leaving it to sit for awhile. I keep hearing how people are loving it and that it is easy to use so I am a bit frustrated that I messed it up. Here's hoping I mixed it better today!

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  1. You are getting to be quite the furniture refinisher Elizabeth! Very nicely done. I like the black container which is perfect for magazines. The breadbox is really a pretty blue. Blessings, Pam

  2. It's good you are getting in some painting projects while the school year winds down. In a few weeks you'll be able to paint day in and day out.

  3. You are getting all kinds of projects done! I especially love the robin's egg blue box! And there is a definite learning curve with the milk paint!

  4. Love your distressing techniques! My husband and I are working on refinishing an IKEA wardrobe and we've done some distressing to it. It's a method that is definitely forgiving of "mistakes"!

    The Thinking Closet

  5. That pine box that you painted black makes a great magazine holder! It does look like a planter. The little bookcase you found looks good painted white. It's a small enough size that if you decide to replace it for a solid wood one, you could use it for storage inside a closet. It looks like the perfect size for a small space.

  6. Good items ... LOVE the box for magzines, Great paint finish.

  7. Hello Elizabeth,
    Great looking makeovers you have here today. Don't feel bad about MMS milk paint...I had trouble too. I hope to try it again sometime this week...wish me luck:) Okay my friend...you should be still excited over that feature...HATS OFF TO YOU!!!


  8. I love the pieces and the colors you chose is so pretty. I think my favorite is the one you have the magazines in.

  9. OMG!!!! Congratulations on your feature in Romantic Homes! You are famous friend! I'll have to pick up a copy! So cool for you!

  10. I love all of your new painted pieces! :)

  11. Wow, nice work! Thanks for stopping by my page, your newest follower!

  12. All great but I am especially loving that Robin's Egg Blue color! :)

    I painted so much when I was younger that I have no desire to do so now ( I am talking furniture, kitchen cabinets, paneling in 3 rooms etc ) but early June I picked up a piece at a thrift store that I am going to paint but...I keep putting it off :)

  13. I love the painted pieces! I have a few projects that I need to get started on myself. Well, several actually I know just what you mean about the things getting out of control, lol! New gfc follower, would love for you to follow me back. unravelingends@blogspot.com

  14. You've been a busy bee. Although those shelves aren't real wood, they do have really nice lines with that gentle arch at the top. I'd look more at the lines than whether it is wood or not as it doesn't matter once it is painted.

  15. You have definitely been on a roll. I love everything. I especially love the color of the breadbox. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. Yep, everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin's Budget Decorating Party


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