A Rainy Street Festival

This is the time of year that it is especially easy to pass up projects I should be working on to spend time taking my boys to their 4-H club meetings and taking in outdoor activities.

Last night my nephew was working at a booth making funnel cake at a street festival in nearby Milton, Ontario and asked us to stop by. Of course we said yes to strawberries, whip cream, caramel sauce, cinnamon and icing sugar. Okay, so at least the fresh strawberries were healthy! Yum.

The festival filled the downtown part of Main Street and we paused to eat our funnel cakes outside one of my favourite decor/gift/coffee shops, A Country Mile. They sell the Muskoka chairs above, made from recycled materials that never need painting. I would love one for our porch, or a few for the backyard but they are not in the budget at this time. There were also several stages set up with local bands to enjoy as we strolled up and down the street.

It didn't surprise me that even on a rainy evening, with heavy rain at times, the crowds were plentiful and people seemed to really be enjoying themselves. My nephew said it was busy all day long too. But then I guess with all the loss and destruction due to storms in the U.S. it puts simple overcast and rain in a whole new perspective.


  1. Wow those chairs are great, never heard of the, and it is great that they are made of recyclable materials and don't require painting, I had some in the past that I was constantly repainting. Yum, the funnel cakes delicious, have to splurge once in awhile!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Man. that funnel cake looks SO good! Yum! I love outdoor festivals-so fun!

  3. Love those brightly coloured Muskoka chairs. We have had ours many years and have replaced bits and pieces. They really need a new coat of paint this year ... oh to have ones that never need painting.

  4. Oh I love this time of year with all the local street festivals.(and the great food).

    But I am so sick of the rain. We had a yard sale yesterday. Thankfully it held off til we had packed up ... perfect timing.

  5. I love going to festivals. That one looked fun (even in the rain). We got storms here today too. It's the first rain we've had in over a week though so it was welcome.

  6. Milton has lovely festival, doesn't it? We usually go but we were away camping near Stratford this year instead. Those recycled chairs are amazing. We bought 2 red ones for my mother a few years back and she has requested the matching side table for her birthday this year. Very comfortable and indestructible!!

  7. Yes, overcast and rain are pretty mild in comparison to those terrible storms, aren't they. I have lots of family in OK and I listen fearfully to the reports and watch FB for updates.
    Those Muskoka chairs are wonderful, I love the bright colours.
    Have a good week!

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  9. mmmm - that funnel cake actually made me drool!!


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