Snowy Day Painting

The big snow storm that was predicted arrived yesterday and it is still snowing. 

When my guys and I were coming home from our schools yesterday (3 different ones in two different school boards) we were hoping school buses would at least be cancelled for today. We woke to find out the schools are closed. Yea for a snow day! Although we are excited to stay home from work and school (and I have more time to prepare for our son's Confirmation tomorrow -if it isn't cancelled) we know that this weather is serious and hope that those that have to get to and from work, emergency personel etc. are safe.

This is our backyard around noon today. We have over 30 cm (12") of new snow already and it continues to snow and blow.

Our 15 year old son woke up today and asked if I wanted him to paint the first coat on the basement stairwell walls (see this post). He wanted to get started before he went to work this afternoon (his part time job) shovelling snow with his dad. Are you kidding me?? I couldn't get the paint supplies out fast enough!

This is only the first coat and the door needs painting, the trim finished etc. but it looks so much fresher already. Now I need to get busy baking a big cake and hoping the Confirmation isn't cancelled tomorrow morning (the one scheduled for tonight was cancelled.)

Edited: My husband came home at 2 pm for some lunch and to pick up our boys to help shovel and barely made it down our suburban street. When they went to try to get back to work a couple of hours later our van got stuck on our street so they pushed it back in the driveway and walked out to the main road and my sister picked them up. We haven't had this much snow in 5 years!


  1. Stay warm and I hope the confirmation goes off without a hitch!


  2. Wow! Look at ALL that pretty snow! I've been keeping track of the big snowstorm on the news. Part of me is jealous because I really want snow and then a part of me is not because we're having such a pretty sunny day today. Stay safe and enjoy it though. It sure is pretty!

  3. LUCKY you! (at least my kids would think so). Pretty snow an the stars look great on our fence. TGIF. Good luck tomorrow,

  4. Sounds like a doozey of a storm there. Is this the same one that hit southern Ontario and is heading for the Maritimes? They are calling for 25 - 35 cm. there. Stay safe.

  5. ok first of all, it looks great.. can't wait to see it when you are finished.. and second of all so jealous that your son offered to paint!! AHH that's amazing :) I hope when my son is that old he will want to participate in projects around the house :) So cool! ~Bre

  6. That was very sweet of your son, Elizabeth. I've been watching the snow news for Long Island since my son is still there {along with other family}. I was reading this morning that they got 30 inches and cars have been abandoned on busy roads. What a mess! Hope the confirmation went off okay.

  7. Elizabeth,
    Hoping the snow stops soon for y'all and everything goes on as planned for Sunday. Stay safe:)


  8. I hope the confirmation happened as Saturday was fine. Yay for snow days though! I had to do lots of baking because that's what snow days are all about, right?


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