Family Postcards From The Early 1900's

We have a pile of old postcards exchanged between my paternal grandparents when my Grandfather immigrated to Canada around 1910.(My maternal family line goes back to the 1600's and the first permanent settlers.)

My Grandfather spent time establishing himself and then sent for my Grandmother Nellie (Mary Ellen) and young son James, who lived in Machester, England. My dad was a late in life child born here in Canada 15 years later.

Other postcards, like the ones below, were exchanged when my Grandmother spent time at the seaside in the summers, with young Jim.

Love the period costumes!

And others are postcard type greeting cards for birthdays.

This one would be between my grandfather William "Jack" John and his sweetheart at the time, my grandmother Mary Ellen "Nellie" Pittaway.

In the box were also postcards that were collected but not written on, and these three are a series.

My nephew has these cards now as he likes genealogy but he sent me scanned copies to enjoy. Amazing that they are 100 years old or more! It is fun seeing them again, especially as Valentine's Day approaches. 

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  1. How wonderful to have these postcards from so long ago. They are an important part of your family history.

  2. that's great. i love old or new postcards. so fun. ( :

  3. what incredible memementos to have!


  4. You are so lucky to know so much about your heritage! I love the old postcards too. Thank goodness they were saved. What a treasure!

  5. These are such neat little treasures! So cool!


  6. Those postcards are such a nice connection to your family!

  7. Those postcards are so fun! And what a fabulous piece of your personal history :)


  8. Elizabeth...those are so amazing. I love seeing handwriting from my Grandparents. I would make a huge frame and display the ones with writing - that would make for the most beautiful art ever (even just copies). You sound very busy at work right now. Hope all is well. :) I enjoy reading your blog.

  9. these are lovely! keya

  10. Those are real treasures! How nice that you at least have a scanned copy of them. I love the old poetry, so nice, seeing as they are coming from a gentleman's point of view. Very romantic!
    Hugs, cindy

  11. How romantic! It's like a snapshot into history...and it's so personal it's touching! They are gorgeous cards!

  12. Really neat! Thanks for sharing them, loved looking at each one!

  13. ooooh, I'm SO jealous! I collect old postcards and adore family history, but have zero family letters or cards. Yours are such treasures! Thanks for sharing them and all your decor projects!

  14. Such a fascinating time in history and aren't postcards such a interesting way to document another era? I too have some postcards and they absolutely intrigue me! Great Post!

  15. Hi Elizabeth,
    What lovely old Postcards! What a treasure to have been kept in the family all of these years. Amazing!
    All the Best,

  16. These are fantastic old post cards. How nice that someone has them and shared copies with you. I love old post cards and have quite a collection of ones from the 50's and 60's which would only be vintage but fun too.


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