Collected White Pieces

I'm sharing some white china pieces I have added to my collections recently. 

To keep within my budget I shop yard sales and thrift stores for my pieces. Today I stopped by what was advertised online as an indoor yard sale but was really an estate sale. It was supposed to be just on Saturday but the weather was poor so the lady from the company hosting it emailed me saying they would reopen today. All the furniture pieces I was interested in sold, and they had lots of glassware and colourful china but my eye always goes right for the white pieces. I bought all three pieces for $5.

I only bought three pieces because except for the unmarked white pieces everything was antique store prices (it pays to ask if something is not marked,) I was pleasantly surprised that this little Meakin ironstone creamer was $1.

This sweet little jug has a real farmhouse feel to it and was also $1. The platter was $3 and is made in Portugal so although not an antique I will be quite comfortable using it for parties.

One way to find affordable pieces is to visit a favourite thrift store fairly regularly. I try to stop by the one near us on the way home from work once or twice a week. On one stop I added the white jug on the far left to the top of the china cabinet in the dining room. It is actually a new TAG branded large piece measuring 11" high that I found at the thrift store for $5. I love mixing my vintage and newer white and ironstone pieces.

This large soup tureen with plate and ladle was a $6 thrift store find in January. I shared a photo of it on top of the kitchen buffet and hutch that I painted mercury glass white but I have since moved it to the dining room china cabinet.

I am sharing a hint of how I displayed the little creamers. I will share more photos tomorrow in a post for Marty at A Stroll Thru Life's Winter Cloche Party. Hope to see you there!

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Thanks for the feature, Linda!


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    They are so nice, especially the little creamer it is so cute! Your collection is growing nicely.
    Great finds & deals!
    All the Best,

  2. I adore the new pieces you found! I can't believe what an amazing deal you got on those too. Wow! I love how you've displayed your dishes in the black cabinet. White dishes look so pretty against black. They really pop!

  3. Fantabulous prices for great pieces. I'm always on the lookout for white dishes, also. You can never have too many.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. You are hitting the jackpot with all ironstone finds. I have been on the lookout while thrifting, but no luck so far. Your collection is coming along nicely!

  5. Good advice to hit the thrift shop on a regular basis. I think that's the secret to finding the good stuff...which you obviously know how to do! Love the way you have it displayed.

  6. Your ironstone pieces look so pretty all together in that cabinet. I love the look of all whiteware together...so crisp and pretty!

  7. i LOVE your collection! you have styled your hutch beautifully as well. green with envy over here!

  8. What a fabulous collection Elizabeth - they really do look stunning en masse in your cabinet. Your latest finds are just lovely, as is your tureen ...

    I too thrift shop regularly & as you say, you never know what you are going to find. I too mix new & old quite happily & I think it gives a lovely relaxed feel to the home.

    Dee at the Carlton

  9. I've always loved ironstone. You have a great collection. Beautifully displayed too.

  10. Love all your pieces. I, too, am collecting white pieces from all over the place. Good luck continuing your collection.

  11. Lovely! I collect white too. Been looking for a pitcher. Couldn't resist these iron stone dishes at Clover Market last week, used them in my cookie post http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/02/fabulous-flourless-peanut-butter-cookies.html

  12. Your collection looks oh so pretty!!

  13. So pretty. I adore ironstone and against that black hutch it looks awesome. I did my kitchen cabinets in black milk paint.


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