Knit Candle Cozy and Hearts

I love the texture and tone of chunky neutral knits and fleecy fabrics. Using leftover cream chunky yarn and cotton quilting batting I made a candle cozy and some fabric hearts.

The candle wrap was knit in a simple K1P1 ribbing with a buttonhole and a heart button. The wool was leftover from two afghans I crocheted for our family room.  

I put the cozy on a chunky pillar candle and created a center piece with a tray, vintage napkin, wire cloche, vintage wooden spool and a tarnished silver pedestal plate.

 Hand knits always remind me of winter so I think it goes quite well with my winter-y hutch arrangement. 

When I decorated the kitchen shelves for Valentines I realized I don't have many Valentines themed pieces and red or pink items to choose from. I decided to come up with a few heart projects that were more neutral in colour and not specifically Valentines themed, but that I could use at this time of the year. So after a few minutes in my studio/hobby room I decided to use leftover off white cotton quilt batting to make some hearts. I like the fuzzy character of the batting and stuffed them lightly for a bit of dimension. Super easy and free- my favourite combination ;)

I added two to the cloche and a third to the stack of vintage ironstone platters that are looking a wee bit too yellow in the poor photo lighting. I may just have to retake these photos this weekend. Argh! 

 I can see a lovely bowl filled with these fuzzy hearts in my future.

Using scraps of the linen tea towel fabric from my faux grainsack table runner project I made a linen heart. I love that this little heart has a grainsack look to it even if it is not vintage.

I also love how some leftover supplies and a few hours in the evening can add a few more items to my winter/Valentines decor.

Now if you are looking for some beautifully crafted heart lavender sachets using authentic grain sack, among other gorgeously created items, check out Ann's On Sutton Place etsy shop.

Heart Lavender Sachet from vintage European grain sack blue stripes

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  1. Just before I clicked on your post, I was just telling the Mr. that when we changed styles , when we built our 2nd home and moved, we sold all the hearts that we had. I don;t usually decorate for Valentine's Day, but today I wanted to add a few hearts around.
    I then said I might make some neutral ones that I can leave out all year...
    Then I clicked on your post :-) Luv what you did. Pretty much what I had in mind... neutral, a sprinkling....
    Thanks for sharing .
    hugs, Gee

  2. I love the candle cozy...so adorable! I also wanted to thank you for your last post and introducing me to Farmhouse 5540...really liked her blog!

  3. Hand work in the evening is very comforting I think...I love your hearts too. I would love to make enough to fill a big bowl!

  4. awww so cute! love the hearts :)

  5. So clever and I love the way you decorate. The painted buffet/hutch in the kitchen is lovely.


  6. That's a nice way to add subtle hints of Valentines Day in your home. Love the little hearts you made!

  7. Cute ideas and I love the little candle sweater.

  8. Love your candle cozy with its heart button, Elizabeth! Your hearts are really cute, too. I try to use up my smaller bits of fabric making hearts myself.

  9. I love the way you put together the wire cloche vignette! The little hearts and cozy just makes it! Great blog.

  10. Elizabeth- So cozy! I love it that you take the time to "redecorate" after the holidays - such a nice bit of Winter Cheer!


  11. Elizabeth,
    The cloche is so sweet:)Lovin' your hutch too.


  12. LOVE this! All of it! Love the knit cozy on the candle (wish I knew how to knit). Your hutch is beautiful and I love the neutral hearts ... especially the faux grain sack one. This space is fabulous!

  13. Your white hutch showcases everything so beautifully!! What treasures and beauty to share!!


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