Completed Projects List for 2013 ~Ongoing

Instead of the usual list of home maintenance and diy projects that we hope to complete this year, we have decided to make an ongoing list of items that we have completed. I love lists and usually can come up with a long diy list of necessary and 'wish' list items. The problem is that with our time and resources the list is just too overwhelming. Or it takes so long to get it done that our plans change entirely {lol.} That can be discouraging. So instead we are going to ADD to the list as we complete tasks on our to do list. Even little things like touch up painting the window trim in a bedroom. Our hope is that we will be more encouraged by the projects we have completed and that will inspire us to keep going. The second part of the list will be for handmade and painted projects completed in 2013. I will add photos and links to the project post if possible too.

spray painted exterior patio light 

scraped textured popcorn ceiling in basement stairwell, patched knicks and sanded 
painted ceiling of upper basement stairwell CIL flat ceiling white
patched and sanded knicks and holes in upper basement stairwell wall
painted main floor half bath ceiling
painted main bathroom ceiling
new garage door and garage door opener (installed by pros)


 small pine benches painted grey and black

organized laundry room cupboards
organized kitchen cupboards
organized entry storage cabinet
emptied garage, cleaned and organized -a family project and a big one!

painted JOY pillow

PB inspired PEACE sign

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