A Break

I will be taking a little break from blogging.

Recently some continuing kidney health issues need my attention.  I don't know how long it will be, maybe just a bit. When I feel up to more projects, I will share. In the meantime I will visit when I have a chance.


A Pretty Rose Print and A Pine Sideboard

My 13 year old son/garage sale buddy and I are heading off today to check out a bunch of sales. 

It is sort of our ritual on these early Saturday mornings in May and June. We hit our local Tim Hortons coffee shop for chocolate milk and 2 donuts for him  (he is 5'10" this week so I guess the sugar isn't stunting his growth) and a slim iced coffee for me, and then drive around town for a bunch of garage sales. Sometimes we find great deals, other times we know to just be polite and move on. Last week we found this framed rose print for $5 and it is really quite big.

I also snapped up the little square glass container (minus the starfish from Michaels) for 50 cents. I plan to make a little summery vignette on this pine sideboard I got off kijiji for $40. Last weekend I primed it...

then painted the top a grey that had way too much green in it, changed my mind and started painting it black. Within minutes I decided against the black and had to wipe the wet paint off one end. 

 I ended up painting it white and now it needs to be distressed and waxed. 

I may still strip the white, the grey, the primer and the original finish on the top down to bare wood and stain it. Or maybe the distressing and waxing will be enough. I really should have had a better plan starting out, huh? Hopefully I will be inspired to finish it this weekend. 


Our Master Bedroom Bay Window

Today I thought I would share our master bedroom bay window area.

Our master bedroom sits at the front of our home, over the garage, and this bay window area provides so much light. A few weeks ago I finally finished painting the window trim and baseboards in our bedroom (it took me about 3 years to get around to it!). We had to order new wood blinds (to replace the exact same blinds that were here before) because the sun is so strong that it deteriorates the cord mechanisms. There is a matching blind up in the cathedral ceiling of the bay window, not visible in the photos, that drops down over the demi lune window when we are trying to keep the room cooler. I still need to remove some slats from the bottom of the blinds to shorten them.

This is the turquoise drop leaf table I painted but I just sold it today. The mason jar holds a few cuttings from the standard lilac tree in our front walkway garden. The scent is heavenly. The picture frame is the same aqua as the table base and was $1 at a yard sale. The wing chair here is also temporary. I am looking for a pair of matching chairs or a small loveseat. 

The curtains are a pair I sewed a few years ago using drop cloths. We still have lots to do in our bedroom (curtains for closet, paint our pine night stands and dresser) but I'm happy with how it is looking. I will be sure to share photos as it progresses.

I love that our lilac standard tree is in the garden two stories below the window on the right. On a breezy day like today I can sit here and enjoy the beautiful scent.

I hope you have a great weekend. I am resting after a flare up of kidney stones but I hope to get some projects completed soon.

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LANE Cedar Chest

I have found some great deals at local garage sales these past two weekends, but this Lane cedar chest is my favourite find.

I was at a yard sale on the street behind our home and asked the lady what she was asking for it. When she said $20 I scooped it up, no bargaining required. It is cedar lined and really well made.

The little envelope attached has the original Lane love chest key inside.

I really don't have a good spot for this hope chest/blanket box in our home so I will be selling it. I was considering painting it but first I will see if it sells in the current wood finish. It is in really good condition.

Today I picked up some great frames for $1 each, and a trio of mirrors for $1 for all 3. The frames and mirrors have a date with some paint in the near future. 
I hope you are having a great weekend, and for my fellow Canadians, what are your plans for this long Victoria Day weekend? My boys are camping at some 4-H friends' farm (only 10 minutes away) and hubby and I are getting a few items checked off our to do list.

Edited May 25, 2012: This piece has sold.


Distressed Black Recycling Cabinet

Last weekend I went to a craft sale at the Milton Farm Museum and found a few things for our home. 

I am always looking for ways to improve organization in our home and this pine cabinet was designed to hold recycling or kitchen garbage. About a year ago I almost bought one very similar to this for $199 but I really didn't want to spend that much. Then last weekend I went to the semi-annual sale at the Farm Museum and couldn't leave this behind when I saw the price was $68.  We have a great pull out trash bin under our sink but there is very little space left for cleaning supplies and recycling. The recycling bin we were using was very small and narrow and had to be emptied into the bigger bins in the garage many times a day.

This one easily tips open and the bin that came with it holds a lot of recycling. I love the beaded board front and distressed black is one of my favourite paint finishes. 

For now I have a stack of ironstone plates and platters on top.

Now that the recycling is out from under the sink, I have more room for cleaning supplies that now need reorganized. Funny how one project always seems to lead to another. 

We had some great yard sales in town today and my garage sale buddy (Josh 13) and I hit them bright and early. I picked up a long pine peg hook shelf for $10 and a LANE cedar chest in great shape for $20. I have the first coat of paint on the peg shelf and hope to start the cedar chest this afternoon. I also found a pair of carved wood duck decoys but I'm not sure whether to paint them or not. I will share photos soon. Any great barn, yard or flea market sales in your area today?

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Arch Mirror Makeover For Our Ensuite Bathroom

I'm sharing the addition of this freshly painted arch mirror to our ensuite master bath today.

The before of this heavy oak mirror I bought for $10 on kijiji:

This is the shelf with beach figurines I had in this spot before:

I painted the frame with Cloud White by Ben Moore to update it. For now at least, I'm not distressing the frame because it goes well with all the white we have going on in here. I love that it reflects the light from the window, but also that it is high enough that I won't be staring at myself when using the soaker tub.

I am also considering adding white shelves to the wall opposite the mirror for towels and baskets. I have the shelf supports but I'm still thinking on this one. When our oldest son (15) puts up the new curtain rod, I might hang a vintage tablecloth as a curtain. I'll have to see how it looks but I will share photos of whatever I end up using. 

We had a busy weekend. Saturday started with my weekly yard sale and Tim Horton's date with my youngest son J, who is 13. Then I headed off to a craft fair at the Milton Farm Museum. It is not that big of a show, but I did buy two things that I will share later this week. I wish I had known about the Caledonia show this weekend, but I missed that. My oldest sister was in town and stopped by with her grandkids for tea in the afternoon. Then I was invited to a 'girls night in' with my youngest sister/bff and her daughters that consisted of take out chicken parmigiana from our favourite Italian restaurant, mini eclairs and three movies. 

Have you been to any yard sales or shows recently?

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