Basement Guest Bedroom Progress

Trusting my decorating instincts and learning to use what I really love is sometimes difficult for me.
Our basement guest bedroom makeover has been quite a challenge for me. Painting the walls was the easy part. Knowing how I want the room to look (using items I already have or can find inexpensively) has been much more difficult. But I think I'm getting there. 

I'm joining Donna at Funky Junk Interiors for Picture Perfect-a completed room for 2012 and sharing the updates I have made to the room so far.

Jennifer Rizzo's Refresh Your Room Party
This was the room in wall prep mode after selling and getting rid of a bunch of stuff we wouldn't be using.
I still need to find, repurpose or make lots of pieces but I am really enjoying the fresh new wall and trim colours. 
I asked for opinions on the curtain choices, and I have loved reading the responses. Deciding to follow my heart, I will be keeping the white curtains (made from a new king size sheet) and adding a rattan blind when my budget allows it. I can always change things up later.
The pair of night tables are finally painted (Benjamin Moore Cloud White) and waxed. The denim bedskirt will soon be replaced with a cream bedskirt with crocheted edge. I still lots to do including finding or making a headboard, but I am happy with the progress.

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Vintage Alarm Clock

I found this vintage clock today at the thrift store for $3.99.
The colour is perfect for our guest bedroom because I have decided to use my rose mirrors and frames in this room. My plan is for a mix of metals and white frames. It was snowing fairly heavily when these photos were taken this afternoon so the photos are a bit dark. Below is a photo of one of the mirrors when I was trying it in the front hallway.
My Mom and Dad always had Big Ben and Westclox alarms like these and I remember Dad sitting on the bed setting the alarm each night. Pretty sure he still uses one. I'm of the radio alarm clock generation so hopefully he can show me how this baby works (IF it works.)
I'm sure this alarm clock will be the first in a new collection. Have you started any new collections lately?

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My Pottery Barn Look Alike

I had a pleasant surprise when I was poking around the Pottery Barn website today.
I stumbled upon this Pottery Barn Paned Foundry Mirror that is a pretty close look alike to the pine framed mirror I painted last weekend for our guest bedroom. PB describes "a warehouse window, its history expressed in layers of chipped and weathered paint, inspired our vintage industrial mirror." It costs $239.65 Canadian on the PB website. Yikes!
My version is a bit bigger and a whole lot cheaper.
My mirror cost $10 at a garage sale and I had all the paint and wax on hand. I wasn't aware of the PB version when I painted mine, but I am happy to discover that I have a PB look alike on my diy budget. Wishing you a great weekend! We are all feeling well now and I'm looking forward to working on some projects this weekend. 

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Bedroom Curtain Colour Choices Opinions Please

I'm struggling over the colour direction for our basement guest bedroom.
I love the fresh new Benjamin Moore Cotton Ball walls but I'm stuck on curtain colours. I tried the blue paisley Waverly print I sewed...
and I sewed a white cotton pair from a Land's End king sheet. (I haven't spent a lot of time on getting good lighting for photos quite yet, too much to do still.)

Before I make little curtains for the other two tiny windows, I thought I would ask for the opinions of my friends and readers.

I like lots of white but with blue and wood tones as well. The following are my inspiration photos, but I'm not planning on copying them, rather just using them loosely for a 'feel' and colours. I also don't want to spend too much on new items and hope to re purpose and collect items.
So my question is should I use the blue paisley and use lots of blue and white for linens and accessories in the room....
or should I use the lighter white curtains and touches of blue?
The carpeting is grey. The ticking and flannel quilt and paisley curtains both have grey in them. The bedskirt is blue denim but I could sew a white one. I have lots of white textiles for pillows.
I would love love to hear your opinions and ideas. Today I am leaning towards the white curtains and maybe using the denim and plaid quilt folded at the end of the bed. What I would really love is a white coverlet. What do you think?

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Pine Window Frame Mirror Makeover

I am slowly accomplishing work on our basement guest bedroom and finished this mirror on the weekend.
I can't find a before photo, but it was a pine window with mirror inserts that I got at a yard sale for $10. I'm sure it was an '80's reproduction because although it is solid pine, the finish was just too perfect to be vintage.
I started by layering on shades of blue to show through in the distressing and then a quick coat of white.
Then it sat in our living room for several months. I'm much better at starting projects then finishing them ;)
I still have lots of work left to do in the guest room but after painting the walls I was inspired to finish this mirror with a few coats of Benjamin Moore Cloud White, some sanding and waxing.
We have a large window (and two small typical basement windows) in this room, so I thought a few mirrors would help to bounce light around. I took these photos at night (sorry!) because I have had a crazy weekend with my kids and husband sick with a virus. They seem to be well on the mend tonight though.
Now I can check this project off my 2012 Home Goals to-do list. (You can see this room in progress and the old blue walls at the 2012 Home Goals link.)
As far as basement guest bedroom progress goes, I still have two doors and trim to paint and curtains to make for the small windows. And a headboard to make. I finished sewing the larger curtains (I used a white king bedsheet) and you can see a peek of them in the photo above. I'm still looking for a coverlet or bedspread in white that fits my teeny tiny budget. Now I need to decide on some accessories but I like the fresh look so far. And I really like this window frame mirror!

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Hudson's Bay Point Blanket and Cabin Chic

They had me at the iconic Hudson's Bay point blankets and grey walls..
Always a favourite of mine, the multistripe Hudson's Bay blankets look especially cool and updated in the neutral tones. Style at Home magazine's decorating newsletter comes by email and I enjoy the decorating ideas, especially a HIGH/LOW Cabin Chic feature this week.
I'm not a fan of orange (or the buck fabric/wallpaper headboards) but the textures really appeal to me, especially this cold winter day. I will be keeping these textures in mind as I continue the search for budget textiles for our basement guest bedroom makeover. I'm loving the whites and creams I have so far but woolens and knitted pieces would really add a cozy feel for winter. 


Red Flowers and Computer Problems

We have been having computer problems these past few days.
We only have our one main family computer (no laptops in our budget yet) so it can really be a challenge when something goes wrong. Hopefully I have it resolved now. 
I wanted to share an arrangement of red flowers in our kitchen. Roses, carnations and pretty little red berry branches. Red is not a colour I use often, but they certainly add a pop of colour to our snowy winter weather and simple decor. I used another white pitcher as a vase and a vintage textile that belonged to my mother. I love the cutwork detail.
The best part is that these flowers, and the winter white bouquets I shared last week, were both free, given to me as extras.
I hope you enjoy the weekend! We are having a cold (-11C or about 12F) and snowy end to the week here. Our 14 1/2 year old son just got over a virus, and our youngest, who turned 13 this week, started tonight. Yuck! Here's hoping my husband and I can steer clear of it! Lots on my to-do list this weekend, but I have a feeling we won't get much done. What are your plans for the weekend?


Winter White Flowers

I love fresh flowers in our home, especially on these cold and dull January days.

Two simple white pitchers and lovely white blooms.

It may be dull and frozen outside, with no snow in sight, but at least there is a reminder that spring will eventually come in these pretty flowers.

I am enjoying having all the Christmas items packed safely away until next year. Simple decor appeals to me at this time of year. 

We have enjoyed a quiet, and very cold, weekend. Sleeping in a bit and getting a few things done around our home. Of course we made time to take our dog for a nice long (and frosty) walk this sunny afternoon. I'm hoping you enjoyed your weekend too.

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Mantel Headboard or Rustic Plank Headboard

I'm still working on our basement guest bedroom and spent some time today looking for headboard inspiration. I'm having trouble deciding between a mantel headboard and a rustic plank headboard.

We had this headboard, below, in the guest bedroom, but I decided to use it in our youngest son's room (also a double/full bed.)

I'm sharing these inspiration photos because I like having them in one spot while I decide, and because my before photos are not very pretty at all :)

image: Southern Living

image: {aka}design via Pinterest

One idea I am considering is using this oak mantel shelf that we used to have in our living room a few years ago, below, and then building up the sides and back. I'm not sure whether I would do the upholstered center or something different. I picked up the mantel shelf a few years ago from a yard sale for $5 and then painted it.

But then I see rustic plank headboards and want one of those too. We have four of these 12 inch wide rough cut boards from my fil that I think would look really cool as a headboard. We would sand them a bit and then stain. 


The rustic plank headboard is probably more my style and would look good against the freshly painted white walls. I need to decide soon because my boys are itching to help. Are you working on any projects right now?

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