With a Heavy Heart...

As I am sure it was with all of you, it was a different weekend for us. Our hearts broke as we learned of the news of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Our hearts ached for the loss of such innocent lives and for the adult heroes. We ached for the surviving school children, staff, siblings and extended families, neighbours, co-workers, rescue personnel...the entire community and neighbouring nation that will forever remember this horrible tragedy. As a family we talked and kept our loved ones close. As a Church community we prayed. At work today, as a school community of staff and students, we prayed and talked about how we could treat each other more kindly. How we could forgive more readily. We will mourn, but we must not forget to be kind. We must learn from this. We owe it to them.


  1. Amen. Love is the answer, and the realization that we are, each of us, our brother's keeper. Blessings

  2. My heart is heavy, too. I have cried everyday.

    Thank you for your words and God bless your family this Christmas season.

  3. What a lovely reflection. My eyes have been burning from tears, both shed and unshed, since Friday.

    Only our loving God can help us to make sense of this tragedy.

  4. I just found your blog and your words are so beautifully written. It is so hard to describe the sadness that is in all of our hearts because of this tragedy..May we all be kinder and speak more gently to each other. ❤


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