First Significant Snowfall

 We have had our first significant snowfall this winter on the 27th and our dog is really enjoying it.

It is fun watching Remington sniff and throw the snow about. 

Then she races around and around.

We are getting more snow today and our youngest son's team has advanced in the annual Christmas hockey tournament. That means lots of warm winter wear so it is a good thing I have lots of hand knit scarves and mitts to choose from. I might just start a new scarf this weekend. Is the weather cold in your area, cold and snowy, or much warmer? 


  1. It's cold here too ELizabeth, and we're suppose to get a few more inches of snow today! I love it!!
    Your pooch looks like he was really enjoying himself, so cute!

  2. I love the wooden stars on your fence...sweet. Our dog is loving all this snow as well. They are so fun to watch. Have you seen the Royal Bank youtube video on hockey and how it is going strong in arenas across Canada? It is so true, where the focus on hockey is alive and well.

  3. I love the snow this time of year. It makes everything peaceful and clean. Cute pictures. Good luck with hockey - and Happy New Year to you Elizabeth!!


  4. That snow looks so pretty! Dogs always seem to love playing in it don't they? At least your dog has long legs. Mine is short, so he just caves in the snow (if and when we get it). LOL! It is cold and rainy here. No pretty snow here. Doggonit! Enjoy it for me!

  5. We are getting more snow today, 5+ cm. The roads have just had their first clean off. We are staying in and I'm doing some undecorating and cleaning.

  6. Lots of snow here too!! What a cute doggie!

  7. It looks pretty and Remington seems to love snow. We have lots of snow and there is more on the way tonight! It's winter in the Maritimes! Blessings for the New Year!

  8. We got a blizzard the day after Christmas with 6 inches of snow and then we got 4 more inches today.
    Looks like Remington loves the snow!
    Happy New Year.

  9. Your snow is beautiful-I love it!
    Remington doesn't seem to mind it.
    It's in the teens here.

  10. What fun, Elizabeth! In your first picture the snow accumulated on top of the dried plant makes it look like cotton bolls. Animals are so funny in the snow and your doggy looks like he's having a good time. I'm in south central Texas where it's a very rare event. It's quite a treat when we get any at all. Happy New Year !

  11. Happy New Year Elizabeth!!
    Yes it snowed quite a bit here too!!
    Our lab and westie love romping in the snow...but today they were only out for a short time...too cold!!
    Good luck to the boys and their team.

  12. It was cold here but in normal fashion it warmed up yet again. Remington is too cute. We hope it snows here too this winter but we are in SE Texas so chances are very slim. Congrats to your son! Hope he has a greta game. Happy New Year Elizabeth!


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