Christmas 2012 - Blue and Red Kitchen

Welcome to a Christmas tour of our kitchen. 

Our living room Christmas decor is mostly neutrals but the kitchen and family room is where we bring out the colour. For Christmas in these rooms I like to use lots of blues and reds mixed with my staples of whites, tans, black and more blues. I am sharing lots of photos and while I have edited quite a few items over the years, minimalist I am not.

Our kitchen and family room share the cathedral ceiling end of our home. You would think from the skylights that there is lots of natural light but it has been rainy and dark all weekend, not great for lighting. The photo above is from the family room looking into the kitchen.

We love anything farm related here and the kitchen table centerpiece is our boys favourite tractor brand, John Deere. 

I love mixing lots of shades of blue year round and adding red at Christmas. The quilted Advent calendar is one I made many years ago. The old grinder on the wall was a gift from my brother-in-law (it was his great grandmother's) and how wonderful for me that the knob and top wood pieces have the original blue paint.

This photo is from the patio doors to the backyard looking towards the front of the kitchen. See what I mean? Lots of whites, tans and black with blue here and there.

The recycling cabinet holds a little vignette and a favourite gift from a friend and neighbour, my bread box. The card holder (waiting for Christmas cards) is a piece of twine with tiny clothes pins decorated with tiny painted trees, a seasonal piece from IKEA many years ago.

The new to us pine buffet and hutch replaces a much larger oak piece we had here before. I love that the shelves are open to display part of my thrift store ironstone collection. This hutch is getting a painting makeover in the New Year. The Christmas Tree Farm Sign (red on a turquoise base) that I painted started me on the kitchen colour scheme this year. I shared the denim and linen stockings here, and the cuffs match the table runner.

The red wire baskets were another thrift store find.

I filled the pair of white vases with fresh greens and white flowers. When the flowers fade I will add more greenery.

I love using lots of strings of red wood berries (from over 20 years ago) on shelves, filling bowls and to decorate our family room tree. I even kept a few strands that broke over the years to fill mason jars and to glue onto skewers to make berry 'sticks'. 

I think I have close to thirty strands. We have always been a bit cow crazy around here and although I have really edited my Holstein collection I couldn't help but save a few pieces. 

The only things I bought to decorate the kitchen this year, besides the thrifted ironstone and Santa mugs, are the blue glittered snowflakes (20 for $4 at Canadian Tire) and some of the fresh greens.

A thrifted mirror I painted makes dish washing time a little more pleasant. Fresh white pine and ornaments add a bit of Christmas cheer. My close friends will laugh at this one, but yes, I even feel better with blue dish detergent.

I like to decorate the shelves at the end of our cabinets for the different seasons. Part of my aqua Crown mason jar collection is always on the top shelf. Once again this year I filled some of the jars with Christmas lights bulbs.

This year I simply added a light blue ribbon and glittered snowflake ornament to the gingerbread man on the glass cannister filled with cookie cutters and rolling pins.

The blue balls and bells from the living room last Christmas worked perfectly in our blue and red kitchen this year. The only things I bought to decorate the kitchen this year, besides the thrifted ironstone and Santa mugs, are the blue glittered snowflakes (20 for $4 at Canadian Tire) and some of the fresh greens.

My style is not minimalist but I do love my vintage collections.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you a wonderful first Sunday of Advent. 

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  1. Everything looks so very festive Elizabeth and I love the color scheme! My favorite...besides the blue dish detergent, which made me laugh, is the tiny truck and tractor! :)


  2. It looks great and the pics are beautiful... The color scheme is perfect... Enjoy! Blessings!

  3. I just noticed what you did to the soffits above the cabinets. Good idea. Goes well with your board and batten.

  4. I really like blues for the Holidays. You did a beautiful job.

  5. hey girlie - I'm in love with those rolling pins in the jar and those red baskets on top of the shelf what a nice way to contain and collect the goodies - blogging about you today!! xo

  6. Everything looks pretty! I just blogged about our dining room today & my centerpiece is with a cream tray, just like your black one. In case you want to stop by for a visit, http://callherblessed-angela.blogspot.com/2012/12/simple-christmas-in-dining-room.html


  7. Oh how lovely everything looks Elizabeth!! Love the blue cupboard!!

  8. Hi Elizabeth, I love the blue and white with red, it's really pretty. I always enjoy seeing your farm related items, they always look wonderful. I love that you decorate so much of your pretty house, it all looks fabulous.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Elizabeth, I love, love, LOVE your holiday kitchen! The colors and creativity are so fun! I'm so impressed with the sign you painted and may be copying several of your cute ideas... ;-P THANKS for the tour!
    Hope your holidays are very merry!

  10. Looks beautiful Elizabeth! I love all of your details, so fun:)!

  11. love all the christmas touches in your kitchen - i am really in love with your table centre piece, too cute!

  12. Love it all Elizabeth and your John Deer Truck!

  13. I love how you decorate your house, Christmas and everyday. John Deere is our favorite too, my husband since he was a little boy farming with his dad. We always have a little John Deere tree!


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