Santas and Wooden Spools in Stairs Window

We have a window in the stairway to the second floor that is decked out for Christmas with a wreath, my Santa collection and my vintage wooden spool collection.

I love the scent of fresh greenery as you pass by, both pine and cedar. The wooden spools give the display some height and a rustic touch.

It was difficult taking photos in this tall and dark space. Either too much light or not enough. I love that you can see a peek of the window from the front entry.

Each Santa is unique and made from different materials, fabric, resin, wood and metal. 

The quilted ball is one I made at a local quilt shop course many years ago (no sewing but lots of folding, tucking and pinning.)

That is one more little spot in our home decorated for Christmas. These little vignettes are some of my favourites, tucked away in spots that we would otherwise just pass by each day. Do you have a special Christmas item that you collect?


  1. Lovely arrangement in your window. But I have to say my favourite is the wooden spindles. I have a collection of wooden thread spools.

  2. Beautiful docor for the window.... I love all of it... Especially the quilted ball...Great job! Blessings!

  3. I love the spools too! They are such a great idea to give collections a little boost with pedestals. I am so using this idea! Thank you for sharing this beautiful scene!!!

    Love it!


  4. I love a window in the stairwell like that. That was a cute idea to decorate it with greenery and Santa's.

  5. love all the santa's ... so cute. i love this time of the year. so awesome!! ( :

  6. Elizabeth...I love a staircase with a window. You ledge is very festive snf cute.

  7. That is lovely! Such an unexpected surprise, up so high. The quilt ball is beautiful, and I love all your Santas.


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