Master Bath Curtains

I am trying out a couple of curtain choices for the window in our ensuite bath. I like the white 2" thick wood blinds, but I would like to keep the blinds slightly open all the time for more natural light. We have neighbours so I was hoping a light curtain would still allow light in and provide some privacy. Not having to step in the tub every night to close the blinds would be a bonus, too.

Just a warning though, these are quick iPhone photos on a somewhat overcast day so the pretty pale aqua wall colour has been distorted trying to lighten the photos. You may also notice that the curtains are wrinkly but this is just a trial so I'm not worried about it.

I am shopping our home and using items from my supplies in this mini makeover. The black curtain rod and clips match the towel ring, tissue holder and wall hooks. I just need to locate the finials. 

This vintage tablecloth was a thrift store find and has some lovely cutwork and embroidery detailing.
What I don't love is that it is short and lets less light in. 

The pair of sheers are more than long enough, puddling on the tub tile, but I could shorten them or pull them up and back. I really like how they will provide privacy but still allow more light in.

These brackets are for two shelves I am adding to the tub wall opposite the arch top mirror. I plan to add white towels, pretty baskets and a few milk glass containers for storage. Our 15 year old son hung the brackets for me and I painted pine shelves, but after I put the shelves up I really wasn't liking it. I am pretty sure that the shelves were just too big and too deep. 

I am going to try again with narrower shelves and see if I like it. If not, there will be some patching and paint touch up in my near future.

I would love to know which curtain choice you prefer, or if you think I am crazy for even adding one!  


  1. I like the curtains with the flowers on them..

  2. I love your page and visit it often. Blessings from Texas.. :)

  3. I like the plain longer sheers (but I would shorten them a bit so they don't soak up water from the tub). I like that they let more light in.

  4. Although I love the idea of using a tablecloth... I don't like the length of it so by default I'm voting for the sheer curtains. And I like the "puddle" as long as it doesn't' get in the way of the bath!

    Either way it's a great idea to bring in a bit of light!


  5. I love the vintage tablecloth, and I especially like the length of it--guess it is just a matter of taste. It seems cozier to me than the more sheer one. Either would be pretty, and I definitely like it better with a curtain than without.

  6. I prefer the longer sheer. I think a light curtain is a brilliant idea. Our house in Las Vegas had a window in the bathroom where you had to step in the bathtub to open and close the blinds. It was so annoying! I don't know why it never occured to me to hang a sheer. You are a smarty pants. :)

  7. I think I prefer the little table cloth, but the others are pretty, too. Your bathroom is going to be very nice when you're finished.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. long sheer for me. I like how it puddles at the bottom, and that lets more light in!

  9. I like the longer sheers, Elizabeth. I think you could do more with them, too. Besides just leaving them as is, you could do a holdback and have the curtain off to one side during the day. You could play around with it using some pins, poof it up, make a balloon valance look out of it, too.

  10. I like the plain longer ones. I can see why you would need something on that window. Have you tried frosted glass?

  11. I love the vintage tablecloth! What a cute idea! And the longer length is so pretty!



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