Galvanized Container Collection

I added a few items to my galvanized container collection on the armoire in our family room.

Michael's had these numbered pots for $8.95 (Canadian $) EACH but on another trip I noticed them again, this time in the clearance section for 90% off. For 95 cents each I decided to pick up numbers 0-9.

I love the little burlap squares with painted on numbers.

I love naturals mixed with the rustic galvanized pieces and rusty barn stars so when I saw this wheat sheaf at the grocery store floral shop, marked down after Thanksgiving (Cdn.) from $14.95 to $3.49 I couldn't resist it. I have it placed in my vintage galvanized sap bucket (a yard sale find)  but I may try to rearrange things a bit and see if the wheat sheaf will stand beside some pieces.

The tall galvanized wire basket is filled with pinecones that I like to use almost year round for texture.

The old milk bottles and large mason jar are gathered in a short galvanized bucket ($4 at a craft sale.) The galvanized watering can was a yard sale find a few years ago for $1 and I love that it still has the sprinkler head.

The numbered pots might move to a different spot because I think they are blocking too much of the larger pieces. Don't laugh but I decided not to paint the top of the armoire blue and at the time I didn't realize it would be noticeable in photos. Oops.

My favourite part about this vignette is that I can see it from the front door, from the family room on the right and the kitchen of the left. Now I am looking for an old grain scoop because a collection is never quite finished ;)
Our son is with his Dairy club at The 90th Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto this weekend and we are looking forward to visiting too. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Great bargain on those little numbered pots. Your collection looks lovely.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    What a great focal point you have created with this vignette! I like how it raises your eye up to enjoy your cathedral ceilings...beautiful! Have a great weekend there is definitely a nip in the air and I had snow flurries on my walk this morning!
    All the Best,

  3. I really like your collection. It's got a modern country feel about it. Love the way it is displayed!


  4. loving all the industrial chic. and the wheat!

    happy november, and pop over for a taste of paris glam when you have a moment.



  5. Great display. Don't you love getting a deal?

  6. I love it beautiful. That color is perfect!

  7. You have a great collection of galvanized metal things. The little buckets with the burlap numbers would be cute with small artificial trees in them for Christmas. Enjoy the weekend at the Fair!

  8. What a great collection. Love the little numbered tins you got. And how special that you can see it from so many places in your home, that makes it even more special that it looks so good.


  9. What a great collection. I love the little buckets with the burlap numbers on them. I feel like you could do a short advent calendar using them.

  10. Your collection is great. The little numbered buckets were an amazing bargain. A grain scoop would be a great addition to the collection.

  11. Great collection:) I can't believe how many ways a galvanized bucket can be used. You sure did get a great steal on the numbered one. Way to go!!

  12. Love your collection - perfect on top of that pretty blue armoire!

  13. Your blog is very nice...and the photos are beautiful:I love your galvanized container collection.
    Hugs Vicky

  14. No way! 95 cents each is cheaper than making them! They look fabulous up there!

    hugs ~ Crystelle

  15. Wow, You've found some amazing bargains. Love all of it. I might have to run to Michaels here and see if I can find some of those pots. Great galvanized collection!

  16. Awesome deal on those darling buckets...maybe I need to check our Michaels out to see if we have them. Thanks for coming to my party:)


  17. I am a big fan of galvanized! Love your little number pots.

  18. Wow ~ that was a great buy, Elizabeth! Waiting definitely paid off this time!

  19. I love the pots. I saw them at Michael's too, but not at 90% off. Great buy!

    I love the industrial look of your decor up there!

    Have a great day.

  20. Galvanized metal has always had a special charm for me. Maybe it's because, as a child, I helped my grandparents on on their farm. Can't tell you how many galvanized buckets I carried, galvanized troughs I filled, etc. I miss those days. Your collection is marvelous.

  21. Great collection and I love them all displayed together. I adore the wheat too, one of my favorite decorating things. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  22. What a great collection! I love the vignette you created!

  23. I bought the exact same pots at the same clearance price! I took the last set they had in the store. Mine sit on a shelf and I'm thinking of adding a large Christmas ball to the top of each one for the season. ~ Maureen


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