Christmas Tree Farm Sign

Turquoise and red. Less traditional than green and red for Christmas. I thought I would give the combination a try on a hand painted sign.

I painted this 'Christmas Tree Farm' sign with a turquoise undercoat and used three shades of red for a distressed top coat.
After distressing the sign I gave it a quick wipe with English Chestnut Minwax wood finish. English Chestnut might not have been the best stain colour choice because it dulled the turquoise a bit. 

At the last minute I decided to add the turquoise arrow. I just had to have more turquoise.

The wool blankets are from the thrift store. The red, grey and white blanket was $3 and the rougher grey blanket with the black stripe down the middle was $6. 

Now I just need to decide where I will hang the sign. I have not started Christmas decorating quite yet, but I am enjoying some Christmas crafting and planning. How about you?

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  1. I love your sign Elizabeth! It looks great.

  2. Cute sign!....do you grow them?

  3. Very cute Elizabeth ... I've been thinking of making a Christmas sign too ... I guess it is getting to be that season!


  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Great sign, love the colours!
    The blankets look warm and cozy.
    All the Best,

  5. Your sign is adorable! Are you going with red and turquoise for your Xmas colours this year? Love that plaid blanket - the colour combo is one of my faves. Why can't I find one just like that?? :)

  6. Love the sign and I can't believe you found those beautiful blankets at the thrift store! Take care, Laura


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