Christmas Decorations and Living Room Theme Hints

Some more sparkle, shimmer and shine is being added to the rustic Christmas decor in our living room this year. 

This was our living room tree last year...

burlap and linen garland, lots of rusty stars and sleigh bells, white crochet, pewter, white berries...

 clear glass and lots of shiny and glittery balls in shades of  blues, cream, silver, white and silver.

I am still not sure if I will be using the blues on the tree this year, but I did add some new ornaments. Clear glass 'bubble' jar fillers (25 cents each at a local home decor store), shiny silver jingle bells (Martha Stewart at Home Depot for less than $3 a pkg.)...

and my favourite find so far, these big and heavy mercury glass balls (from the Debbie Travis collection at Canadian Tire for $4 each.) The large balls are not for the tree but will be used in a living room vignette. The chicken wire basket was a thrift store find for $2.

The Christmas bins are up from the basement and take up more than half our dining room. My guys are up north at a relative's farm today and picking up lots of greenery. I will be sharing progress photos once I get started. Are you busy with your American Thanksgiving planning or have you started your Christmas decor yet?

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  1. curious ... the wrapping paper you use it looks like the stuff they call around here which is "butcher paper" ... is that right? so cool!! ( :

  2. I haven't started decorating yet, usually around the beginning of December. You have some lovely additions to your decorations this year.

  3. I can't wait to see your this years tree. Loving the mercury glass ball. They look stunning in the wire basket. Perfect spot for them. I need to trim my pine trees and come up with some greenery:)

  4. what a great find that basket was, and love the mercury glass inside. such textural loveliness.

    smiles and happy almost-thanksgiving, lovely blogger.


  5. Hi just found your lovely blog, I love seeing your Christmas decorations I thought it might be a bit early but now I can't wait to start to do our home.

  6. Oh! This is going to be PRETTY! I can tell already....

  7. My son is home from school this week, so we are in "holiday mode" right now. It's nice to sleep in and take it easy this week. I love those mercury looking ball ornaments you found. They are gorgeous! Sounds like your home is going to be decked out so pretty this week. I'll start mine this weekend.

  8. I haven't started decorating yet! For some reason I am a bit behind this year. But I am starting on Wednesday! I can't wait to see your tree this year Elizabeth! Angie xo

  9. Love the shimmer, Elizabeth. So stylish and elegant!

  10. WOW Elizabeth, that tree from last year is just gorgeous! I need some of your styling for Christmas, you have the perfect blend of colour and neutrals!


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