A Living Room Vignette-Mercury Glass, White and Naturals

For Christmas this year I am using lots of neutrals with greenery in our living room. A mix of sparkle and shine with rustic and natural. 

Warning- lots of photos and night time shots too because it gets dark here at 5pm and I get home from work after 3. 
I was able to pull this vignette together using very thrifty finds and items from around our home with the only new additions being the four large mercury glass balls, The base for the vignette is our $10 dresser. The vintage skis were on our front porch for the last two Christmas seasons but this year they are enjoying a new spot indoors.

The chippy window was $5 from my favourite kijiji seller. I scrubbed it well (it lost a fair bit of paint) and decided to prop it up here. Thanks to Holly at Down To Earth Style for the chippy window advice!

For the swag I layered a couple of pieces of fresh cedar and pine and wrapped the stems with twine. A little scrap of linen was used to hang one of the mercury glass balls. Those suckers are heavy. The mirrored and beaded star was from a local decor shop a few years ago.

Told ya, night time photos aren't the best. Pine cones and another pair of mercury glass balls fill the little chicken wire basket I picked up at the thrift store last week. 

This footed mercury glass bowl is one of my favourite purchases, $3 at a cute little gift shop one January on the way up north. I love the etched snowflake pattern on it. I added a few fresh greens some pine cones, clear blown glass balls and the last large mercury glass ball. 

Can you believe the colour of this Windsor chair I painted is actually called Mercury Glass (Origins by Ben Moore collection at Canadian Tire.) I will have to share it in day light. It is a pretty white with just a hint of silver. The crocheted tablecloths were yard sale finds. 

This Madonna and Child is a lovely piece I picked up this weekend at a little Christmas bazaar. It is surprisingly heavy, a silver metal with lovely sparkle. I could hardly believe they only wanted 75 cents for it. There were two and I am kicking myself that I didn't buy the other one.

The pair of mercury glass candle holders have stars etched on the glass. My hydrangeas aren't looking their best but I like that they add another shade of green. I may add some more pine or cedar to the pitcher.

There's a peek of our living room tree reflected in the mirror. I'm still searching for a larger mirror (at a great price of course) for this spot. And a new lampshade.

The vintage ironstone platter and French beaded pitcher add some more whites. The runner was a gift from a friend. The strings of bead garland are white and cream and were bought over 20 years ago at a craft store. The small glass balls in silver, white and cream contrast nicely with one of my large pine cones. 

I started with the tree in the corner by the chair, but decided to move it to the other side of the doorway. I will share it and the rest of the room later in the week. So a little glam mixed in with lots of rustic. Browns to balance out the dark leather couch and wood dresser and lots of whites to keep everything from getting too dark. Our living room is so calming and I just love sitting in here in the evenings. The TV's are in our family room and basement sitting room, where I keep my kids happy using all our family ornaments and traditional colours. Hoping you are enjoying your week! 

Thanks to the great women who host these parties.....


  1. Everything looks beautiful. I love the soft romantic look you have put together! I'm looking forward to the rest of your decorations!

  2. Simply gorgeous! That is just the holiday feel I love!

  3. I love the colours you used - so soft with a little sparkle. The new mercury glass ornaments were just what was needed to give the sparkle.

  4. Lovely vignettes! They look so soft and romantic! Love the look!
    sandy ;)

  5. Love your Christmas vignette. The wire baskets mixed with naturals and shiney mercury glass looks gorgeous!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  6. I have old window envy. you'd think I would get over it but they are so beautiful!!! Yours is amazing with the authentic chippy paint and $5 is a great price! Thanks for the shout. :)

  7. PS - Are those vintage skies you have in the very first photo? I was thinking about some of those as I was decorating this year. So cool!

  8. This gorgeous. I love the pretty bulbs and dripping pearls! And, even the chair is mercury glass ;) Perfect!

  9. I love your vignette, especially for the colors and the materials (easy to find, ecological and cheep) you have used.
    Sooooo cute! xoxo

  10. Love how you combined the rustic wire baskets, mercury glass and the silver. Very elegant.
    New Follower and I will be back for more inspiration.
    How do you stop anonymous comments?
    Audrey Z. http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/
    Timeless Treasures

  11. I just love it! The mix of textures with rustic and elegant is so perfect.

  12. from a Elizabeth to another ... i love your decor... great colors.

    hey, i have a Christmas giveaway going on at my blog ... please be sure to stop by. have a great week. ( :

  13. I love the chippy frame. I have a thing for propped up empty frames. The whole vignette is lovely.

  14. LOVE the mercury glass with the greenery! Looks lovely.
    Mary Alice

  15. Very, very pretty! I love the rustic tones as well as the sparkly ones. It's very beautiful!

  16. Just Stunning!! Love all the mercury glass..

  17. I just looked at your beautiful mercury glass, pinecone and greenery vignette. I loved all of it. I also looked back at your ironstone and Santa mugs. I just purchased four for $3.

  18. Simply gorgeous! I love that frame and all the beautiful mercury glass!

  19. Thank you for linking up, your style is so elegant. All the natural elements are so soothing. Great eye for detail.

  20. I think you must be the best bargain shopper I know! Your finds are all just lovely. This is the perfect Christmas vignette!!

  21. How incredibly lovely!! I'm so loving your mercury glass and that Madonna and child...SEVENTY FIVE CENTS?! Wish I was the one that picked up the other one! Truly lovely *sigh*

  22. This is really beautiful! I love all the elements you've gathered here on that wonderful $10. dresser. :)

  23. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful holiday decor at my party...love what you have done.



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