Vintage Napkins and Small Plates

I love using vintage plates and small dishes for soap dishes and to corral makeup in the bathroom.

I recently went to an outdoor antique show that I shared here, and saw some amazing pieces but they were really pricey. On the way home from the show I stopped by a thrift store and found some lovely pieces at much better prices. 

The little ironstone plate that I now use to hold hand soap and hand cream pumps in the kitchen was a steal at $1.25. I plan to make mason jar soap pumps just as soon as I can find some one- piece lids.

This little dish was 50 cents and now holds some eyeshadows in my bathroom.

The petite plate was $1 and has a lovely raised pattern. It is now used as a soap dish on the edge of the soaker tub in my ensuite bath. Inexpensive but cute pieces that work great in bathrooms. I also use little dishes on night tables, in drawers and on entry tables for jewellery and keys.

From the thrift store I also picked up this set of 4 matching napkins. I had been admiring a set of 4 at the antique show but priced at $29 for 4 I couldn't buy them. 

Love the little leaf detail.

At the same thrift store I found this set of 4 crochet edged napkins with the little flower detail.

Vintage crochet trim really makes me happy. I love that napkins can be mixed and matched with different place settings too. 

This weekend I decided to sell the oval coffee table I bought for our living room. I liked the size but since I am really looking for a more rustic bigger bench or a trunk I will keep looking. I made a nice little profit on the flip too. So, have you found any thrifty items lately?

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  1. You found some wonderful items, the napkins are my favorite. Those are true treasures:)

  2. You found some wonderful items, the napkins are my favorite. Those are true treasures:)

  3. Love the little details on the napkins as well! Glad you were able to sell your coffee table; hope you find something you love soon!

  4. Lovely items. I've been collecting some crochet trim patterns with the idea of making some of my own napkins over the winter.

  5. Love those little dishes...really does add to the soap sitting by the sink! :)

    I think a trunk or something rustic & chunky would look fantastic there. The coffee table was really pretty though too. I'm glad you are holding out for what you want.

  6. Great finds! I love the little dishes. I collect all of my bit and pieces in little bowls too. In fact, even my hubby pops his keys and rings into an antique bowl I found at goodwill. Cheap, pretty and useful!

  7. Good idea using vintage plates here & there!

  8. I also use old plates for soap dishes. Single saucers are great for a bar of soap. Your napkins are so pretty. What a great find and price! My most recent purchase was the large cookie (candy) jar I got last week (I posted about it). Pamela

  9. I use odds and end pieces like this too! And I love those napkins with the crocheted edges... lucky find!


  10. I love those! The crochet really makes them Elizabeth!

  11. I love your sweet napkins! I can hardly pass up beautiful vintage linens with all the handwork sweet dishes...I'm right there with you! Sweet post. ~Zuni

  12. Nice ... I always buy vintage napkins. I have dozens of huge linen ones. No one out there likes to iron linen except me ... hahaha

  13. beautiful items love the vintage of it all

    come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  14. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your finds at my party...always good to see ya here.


  15. Those are lovely little napkins, I love finding the vintage linens, they're so much nicer than the new ones. And you were so smart to pick them up there instead of the antique show.
    Good for you! I love hearing that people have made money reselling anything!
    Hugs, cindy

  16. Great little dishes, Elizabeth! The napkins are very pretty and delicate looking. I have been looking for some plain napkins at the thrift store, but I haven't seen any ~ plain or otherwise.

  17. What sweet napkins! Just think how they might have been used... and now you have them!!! Very pretty!

  18. My husband managed to drill through the glass on a crown lid to make me a dispenser. Just a thought!


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