Happy Halloween

Happy Haloween!

It has been so rainy and overcast here the past two weeks, but nothing compared to the devastation we have been following on the U.S. east coast. Our prayers are with those affected, residents, hospital patients and staff evacuating hospitals, the emergency responders and all those working towards keeping people safe and helping to clean up.

With work, hockey, life, and lots of little projects I didn't get around to photographing our Halloween decor this year. I decided to not worry about it and so I am sharing a collage from last year. I have an almost 6 foot 13 year old with flu symptoms so I am home today taking care of him. 

We are just going to relax and enjoy seeing the 100+ trick or treaters stop by for candy tonight (we have had 150+ in previous years but the rain today will bring the numbers down closer to 100- I hope!) Wishing you a great day and week!


  1. i love your decor. i enjoy the rich bright colors. Happy Halloween!! hope you are well. was your weather effected by "Sandy"? (:

  2. It's all so festive! Happy Halloween! Hope you stop by! I have a 15 second video that I wanted to share for Halloween!

  3. I love your happy decor (especially the black cats vintage ?postcard/print)! Very sorry to learn that you too have the flu in your home. Wishing you and your big kid a speedy recovery. After getting soaked, but mostly spared by Sandy, I too have the flu. At least you get to see cute costumes. No one comes to our farm and we have to drive into town for trick or treating. It'll be slightly awkward with Jack's large box firetruck... Happy Halloween!

  4. Hope your son feels better soon.
    That's a lot of trick or treaters for sure! We actually trick or treated last night (city wide). It was fun to be with my grandchildren.


  5. Happy Halloween! Hope your son gets better soon!

  6. Oh poor sick son. Was he planning on going out trick-or-treating? Thirteen is such an inbetween age that you never can tell. WE didn't have nearly as many as usual this year.

  7. Oh no...I can totally relate! My son was sporting a size 12 shoe at 13 years old!
    Not a one trick-or-treater at our place last night but then again we have no street lights and live high up a hill.

  8. OH Elizabeth thank you so much for stopping by you are so kind. I can not send an email not sure why first it's the camera and now the computer when does it all stop??? Love the Halloween decorations... Happy Fall



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