It's That Time Again

It is Fair time again and I have spent the last two weekends with our boys showing their 4-H projects. 

They are in the beef, dairy and rabbit clubs. Our oldest shows all three, but our youngest son chose to show only his rabbit this year. K is 15 1/2 and J is 13 1/2.

We are very fortunate to have great farmers allow our kids to work with their animals and prepare them for shows, and to transport them and share their time and expertise at the Fairs (we don't live on a farm so the cattle are 'borrowed'.)

K did especially well this past weekend and won quite a few ribbons, including Grand Champion Showperson in the Open Class. 

We have had great weather for the Fairs (except for two rainy Fridays and a quick shower the first Saturday), lots of time with friends and way too much Fair food. I plan to pack some nutritious food and snacks for this upcoming weekend. Three more Fairs to go and then a break until the Royal in November. Hopefully I can find some time this week to pull out the Fall decor bin. Do you visit fairs or festivals at this time of year?


  1. looking forward to the "old days of the past" happening this weekend. the hubby is excited. i'm happy to take some photos. can't wait. (:

  2. Oh yeah, the Great Northern Ex is this weeken! Can't wait to get my hands on a funnel cake, yum!

  3. Congratulations to K, that is wonderful. Every little town around here has a fall festival of one sort or another. Apple Cider Festival this coming weekend, yum, I can't wait for the apple cider doughnuts!

  4. You know I love fairs! And those cutie cows! I'll be sure to say "moo" to a cow for you guys next time I see one. :)

  5. My parents used to keep some cows on their property a few miles away. My brother and sister were in FFA and showed their own animals. It's a great group of kids and an excellent t way to learn about responsibility. Enjoy!

  6. Congrats to your oldest boy. How did the rabbit do for your youngest? I always so enjoy seeing kids involved in the fairs and the animals.
    We didn't get to the fair here (Grand Junction, CO) this year but when we did go always enjoyed the animals first. Not much for going on rides at our age but enjoyed watching all the people and eating junk food.
    There's a fall Festival in town next to ours (about 5 miles east) and they have a big celebration every year, it's at end of month and we usually have great weather if not too warm.
    It's certainly tempting to eat all the naughties for just that one event. We'll be going for sure as our granddaughters and their band will be performing on Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Look forward to the whole festival as it's always alot of fun.
    We used to go with our daughter and family but that was a few years ago now and the kids are alot bigger 15 and 12.
    Wishing your boys good luck in the coming events.

  7. Your son did very well at the fall fair. I didn't get to the local exhibition this year as I was busy with company. I haven't been there in a few years now but do enjoy it when I can. I love looking at the livestock and the produce exhibits. Have a great fall!

  8. Great to see your sons and the pride in their eyes. Thats what us SO Cal families miss out with families. Love the photos

    Have a wonderful week

  9. Oh yes, I love going to Fall festivals and fairs. We just went to our first one of the season last weekend! We plan on going to several more. Fairs do have good tasting food, but not always the healthiest. I don't blame you for packing something else from time to time. Plus, it gets expensive! Your boys look like they're right in their element with the cattle.

  10. Fall fairs are the best….how fun for your boys to show the animals! Enjoy this weekend's fairs Elizabeth!

  11. I actually miss our fair, the way it used to be.
    We had fairs, that the 4-H was foremost. Now, there are hardly any 4-H clubs left....Our girls were lucky. 4-H is a wonderful club system and with all the other things they teach, it goes beyond showing animals. Kudos to your kids and to you.
    Our kids became strong, independent and thinking young people that colleges appreciated.
    Keep up the hard work and tell your boys, 4-H is wonderful and so are they!


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